Saturday, 25 August 2007

Winter Berries in August

Can't believe it - Winter berries on the Pyracantha already

Lace-cap Hydrangeas

It is a holiday weekend here in England - the last Bank Holiday before Christmas. After so much constant rain for the last week and temps. in the mid-sixties, today it is warm and sunny.

That combination means the roads and tourist spots are very busy.

For me it is a time to get out into the garden. I am looking forward to eating out there today.


Linda said...

I'm glad England is finally getting some sunshine. Enjoy the weekend.

Susan said...

Boy your pyracantha is loaded!!! Wish I could join you for lunch:o)

Unknown said...

Lunch in the garden sounds delightful. Or maybe it is your supper.

Pyracantha and hydrangeas at the same time is quite the gardening feat. I wonder if that early harvest bodes an early, or especially harsh, winter for you.

Willow said...

Here on the Pacific Coast,I'm boilling my water for tea. I'm joining you in spirit.
I love hydrangeas! I left my pretties in Oregon when I moved, but now I can go get me one! I'll get a recommendation for a nursery and run over this week and pick one up. The lace cap is tempting me.