Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bits of Light & Colours

These photos are all taken with my phone and make me realise that I don't keep my hand as still as I do when using my camera

Thought I would have a look at what was on my phone before getting into the backlog of the hundreds of photos I have waiting to post

During a walk in the park in October I was aware of the patterns in the sky made by the constant passing of aircraft over my neighbourhood

And here on the last day in November I wanted to catch the amazing colours which were enhanced by a misty sky backlit by a hazy sun
I will be turning right into the park as I do most days when walking locally

I should have stopped to take this rather than clicking while walking but kept it because of the vibrant colours

Passing a front garden that has always intrigued me

The mist can better be seen here as I turn in a different direction
A typical November day


and then another light affect in December

Well Christmas is over but still another 4 days holiday for many that work so wishing everyone a
Very Happy New Year

Monday, 23 December 2013

A Hotch Potch Before Christmas

Bits and pieces before Christmas
The weather is wild outside - torrential rain all day with winds up to 70 miles an hour. Bridges closed, rail networks affected, some flights cancelled and lower speed restrictions on roads and more to come
Not good for all the thousands trying to get home for Christmas
So grateful I don't have to travel 

As a contrast a beautiful afternoon sky early last week

and misty sunrise

As Trustees of Pilgrims Hall we had a great evening treating the resident team to a great meal followed by games and an old fashioned sing-along
All they had to do was come and enjoy it while we did everything
including setting the dining room up for 'tearoom' visitors the next day

A better picture of tree than last post
I think I messed the settings up by touching something and not realising it

I must tell you that this is in my opinion the best Salted Caramel Sauce ever. I ate it all from the jar with a spoon - one spoonful every day. Even better than Belgium chocolate!
I must not buy any more for a while!

And then there was our church celebration last night
beginning with worship, lots to eat, Santa and finishing with carols

Well the last post before Christmas
and the first post since we celebrated our
 54th wedding anniversary last week
Can't believe it but it is true!
Happy  Christmas everyone

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's Christmas! - Along with Secret Santa

Decorations are up
Colour not good but so behind with Christmas preps, I decided not to play around with camera settings

Still lots of cards to make
At least the ones for posting have gone 
My theme this year had 'Peace and Hope' on the front 
with 'Joy' on the inside.

Secret Santa came and went Sunday evening
Ken's wife tagged him on Facebook with this photo
Said it reminded her of many years ago!
Our youngest member - 3 weeks old!
As you can see we have a very wide range of ages in our
house church.
Especially when everyone is here.
We are missing a family of 5 who are out in Australia with
YWam and some who are not well with seasonal bugs.

We will be altogether with the other house churches next Sunday for our joint Christmas celebration

I am hoping to post again before Christmas but just in case, I send Greetings to all readers and hope it is a Blessed time for you.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Walking Around Rye - Pt. 4

The last post on walking around Rye

Here we see the old Castle and Keep

with internal garden

and looking back towards the town

inside the battlements with the guns and cannon balls

and looking over towards various boat yards

and on the other side looking down on the Castle Pub

Moving along towards the quayside 

The windmill in centre of picture is where we were originally going to stay but it was fully booked
So glad now as Strand House just 2 miles away was outstanding and in a much more peaceful location (see a previous post) 

an anchor from the first world war

and looking back up towards the town

where we are off to eat lunch at The Mermaid Inn
(a previous post)
I think one should have a good feel for the different aspects of the town by now so we will say goodbye to Rye