Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Come with Me to Faversham Pt. 1

Come walk with me around the picturesque town of Faversham 

Just about every house and shop is different

into the town shopping area

Town square

Built in 1570

Interesting alleyways

Preparing for some event

built 1697
The design feature on the wall is called Pargeting

Great cakes in the cake shop

and fresh meat in the butchers

Wool shop

and a pub

and craft shop
I am keeping the second hand bookshop for a separate post 

The Market place

I love the lavender planted along the pavement edge

The Parish church

interesting cushion

the old town pump
I forgot to take photographs of the art gallery where we ate lunch

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Keeping the Grands Amused

Well it is half term week so have had Oliver and Rebekah for a few days

Oliver's favourite craft at the moment is Hammer Beads
and he was happy to spend hours with them 

I got to pick my favourite to keep so I chose the butterfly which now lives on the freezer door

Lunch and afternoon at Pilgrims Hall was a worthwhile choice as apart from feeding the chickens 

and collecting the eggs

there's lots of space in the house and grounds for them

One afternoon we took them to our local country park (forgot my camera and my phone!!!) which they loved as there are many Reindeer there and a great wild life centre but hard for them to contemplate a place without climbing frames.

However after our constant wet Winter everywhere was mud, mud, mud and Oliver suddenly appeared round a tree covered from neck to toe, and with his jacket open it was not only on the outside but also the inside! The volunteer in the wildlife centre said, "That's what fun in the wild is all about" to which I replied "It's not going to be too much fun in the car"
He very kindly brought us some black plastic for him to sit on!

No sign of Spring yet - we have a 4 day severe weather warning and the Arctic winds are bitingly cold

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Leeds Castle, Pt. 3

After a  nice meal we return to the gardens and grounds

Walking through the formal areas

These cottages can be hired for holidays

A nice place to sit by the lake

We are now in the centre of the maze
I tell you this is the third time we have visited this maze
and it never gets any easier
A warden does stand at the top in case anyone cannot find their way
I have to admit the first time I came I did rely on the Warden to steer me through - not this time though

The Maze comprises 2,400 Yew trees and when viewed from the centre, part of it mirrors a Queen's crown

The way out is down through an underground Grotto
There is an easy way out for anyone unable to manage this

All made up of shells, minerals and wood

His Lordship blends in well!

We are now out into day light again

A pleasant lakeside walk

With some where shady to sit

Before we head back to the tearoom, then do a little shopping in the well stocked gift shop