Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Last Week in October

Late October always seems a dreary time in the garden but if one looks more closely the colours, shapes and textures defy that notion

From the garden it's off to the farm shop

Where the influence of the USA is apparent

Back home with 2  new deliveries in the post this week
Having had my last mobile stolen in the burglary
It's a Blackberry for me this time
another sharp learning curve!!

and these more than  wonderful slippers made in Australia
made with genuine Shearing - the wool of a special sheep

I won't be showing the other 2 deliveries expected tomorrow
Alan's first Laptop and a new digital HD tv for the dining room

Then there is the card I made for the wedding we attended yesterday

I am always mesmerised at the gifted voices so many West Indian people possess

Another amazing voice - did not want her to stop

and now I think it is time for me to stop for afternoon  tea
with cupcakes from Barbara's kitchen

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Heybridge Basin,Essex

On a dreary overcast day in July we decided to drive 45 minutes up the coast from home to Heybridge Basin.
You might like to accompany us on our walk

passing a roadway to the left as we continue along the creek which is on our right

We have now reached the mouth of the river which flows out into various creeks, skirting around some small islands before flowing into the North Sea.

A lock to the right

and The Old Ship Inn to the left

We arrive at The Lock tearooms where we sit outside and have lunch

Wilkin & Sons is an old family run jam and preserve company in Tiptree (that I have posted on in the past) that is not too far away

Opposite one sees The Jolly Sailor Inn 

Looking across from the other side of the creek

I hope you enjoyed your walk, as we did, even though the sun did not shine
On our way here we visited The Museum of Power
and from here we visited Maldon on the other side of the creek
photos in a future post 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mompesson House & Garden

Looking further around the Cathedral Close we come upon Mompesson House which was built for the local Member of Parliament, Charles Mompesson in 1701.
Wandering around allows visitors a step back in to a past world.
This house now belongs to The National Trust
(seen here in the middle)

The back garden

Where we had lunch

The dining table set for tea

and a sitting room set for afternoon tea

and study


and the library

A house next to Sir Edward Heath's house

The house to the left of Mompesson House

We have left the close now and are on our way back to the car park

I love this wall in flower

and lastly this is the end of our cottage holiday in June
nearing Heathrow Airport we want to hit the London orbital
before the late Saturday afternoon traffic
(see the red lights - there's heavy traffic ahead)