Sunday, 27 November 2016

Patterns and Shapes in London

Just a few of many Shapes and Patterns in London
Thanks again to my son Peter

Saturday, 19 November 2016

West Mersea Island, Essex (Beach Huts and Boats)

As Winter starts to kick in I'm choosing reminders of Summer.
On a trip to Mersey Island, a little way up the coast from here, nothing much happens outside of beach huts and boats.

All the huts are privately owned and can only be used during the day. No sleeping over allowed. There is a long waiting list at all resorts where they reside and they are expensive.

I'm showing a few of my son's pictures when he went there in the Summer with his camera. I have excluded the photos where there were lots of people lying around half dressed!

All very colourful - these remind me of candyfloss

Looking straight through a hut

One uses a causeway to get here when the tide is in

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Local Park Throughout the Year

I was walking through the park to the shops the other day and as I saw that the leaves were beginning to fall I thought of the many pictures I had taken throughout the year on my phone showing the different seasons.
So here are some of them.

Above a very frosty one

Spring is in the Air

The good old all season Dogwood

then Summer takes a hold

The wild flower meadow

I liked the different coloured grasses here

and we are back to Autumn

It always fascinates me - the different sunsets at different times of year as the light changes

This one was taken this week
I feel so blessed being able to walk to the shops through this park and it is almost at the top of my road