Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sandringham, The Norfolk Retreat of The Queen Pt. 3

For this post taking in the Chapel at Sandringham

The chapel where the Royal Family worship when resident at Sandringham

In memory of King George V

In memory of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI

Monday, 11 September 2017

Sandringham, The Norfolk Retreat of Queen Elizabeth Part 2.

The first thing we do on arrival is go and have coffee.
We break the day down between coffee, lunch and tea as there is lots to see and a lot of walking

Sandringham has been home to 4 generations of British Monarchy.
The house was built in 1876 by the then Prince and Princess of Wales, and later King Edward V11 and Queen Alexandria.

Our Queen sees it as her retreat, Windsor Castle being her home, Buckingham Palace the office and Balmoral the place where the Royal family can holiday in private amongst the Scottish hills. 
Sandringham is the only house that the Monarch owns, all the others belong to The State.

Having concentrated on the gardens in the last post I'll concentrate on some other bits and pieces here.

The house from the front

and back - The tour of the downstairs of the house starts here
no photographs I am afraid - we have been here before and both times I have loved seeing the dining room where the family have Christmas dinner together and where the table is laid ready for such an occasion.

The Queen's favourite horse

and back to the restaurant for lunch (we have of course walked the gardens by now and are ready for it - last post)

I am enjoying the most delicious marinated and slow cooked Pork with the crispiest of Crackling, served on a bed of Herb mash with the tenderest Braised Red Cabbage and Apple.
When we came back later for afternoon tea I filled in a survey and was rewarded a week later when a card arrived in the post telling me that I was a Customer Survey Winner and included and invitation for a Two Course Lunch for Two. It lasts for 2 years and as Sandringham is only 2 hours away and in the lovely Norfolk countryside we may take a 2 night break sometime.

The side of The East Wing

As I said, no photos in the house but whilst walking past I snapped a few windows

A Buddha - a gift to Prince Charles - no comment! 

and Old Father Time

Also on the estate - Park House - Princess Diana's childhood home before her Father inherited Althorpe.

More to come

Saturday, 2 September 2017

First Day of September in the Garden

Took these rose photographs a week ago and after nearly 4 months of constant dead heading I slipped into my usual late August boredom with the garden. 

We still have a lot to do in the shrub clearing before the winter

It's also Lavender harvesting time
I have 16 shrubs but this is the one I find the most aromatic for Lavender bags for my wardrobes

The fish are still very active

and there are still plenty of roses to bring indoors in spite of the fact that they make my eyes water and throat croaky!

Midnight last night I was taken with the delicateness of these in the kitchen before bed

and lastly I hardly ever miss taking a picture of beautiful sunsets