Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sheringham, Norfolk

With the wind howling outside and the rain lashing against the windows it is nice to return to October when we had some great sunny weather.

We are wandering around the seaside town of Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast where the North Sea meets The Wash

Random photos as we wander around

We have walked to the front in search of lunch

We settle for The Two Lifeboats which was originally a coffee shop and fisherman'a mission circa 1720

after which we continue walking along the front and back around the town

I so love these murals, they are so lifelike 

depicting life in times gone by

Having finished wandering around the town we are wandering  along the front, again visiting museums and the like.

This is our last day but I have lots of photos of our time in Wymondham on our way home.