Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

30th May 2017

Beauty at the end of May - more like a June garden

Monday, 29 May 2017

Leave the Garden for a week and.........

Leave the garden for one week and it is bursting with colour on our return. All a mixture of torrential rain for a couple of days then full sun with temps in the 80's.
I'm posting on the garden right now as I am overwhelmed again trying to deal with hundreds of holiday photos on Windows 10. I thought I had it sussed but it is as complicated as ever. It feels like I have no control over the photos. So far I have only downloaded 100 from my camera (and even these are not filed as I would like) but I have hundreds on my i-pad.
I think I will have to send them from i-pad to computer by E-mail a few at a time. I cannot just Sync them as that would mean syncing thousands from computer to i-pad!!!

Looking through my front sitting room window

The lawn was cut really close the day before we left and it looked like a field when we returned.
We were certainly blessed with the weather. It had been only low 60's so the evening before I left I took out shorts, sun hat, sun lotion and took sweater, fleeces, vests, jeans etc. and by the second day we were basking in hot sunshine (well hot for this time of year in  the U.K.). I was so glad that I packed one pair of light, loose trousers and a number of short sleeved tea-shirts and sandals.
Hopefully I can get at least some photos sorted soon.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

On The Home Front and More

It's almost 2 years ago now (Can't be but it is!) since we totally renewed our main bathroom and made the bathroom and separate loo into one. 
I decided to hang some of my watercolours on the new wall where once was a door.
Thought I'd make a post of it before going on holiday tomorrow.

While doing it we took the opportunity to re-decorate the landing, stairs and hall and buy a new mirror. The old one was an antique but I no longer liked it.

Mirror reflections

I thought you would like this.
 Grandson Oliver at his house playing Ludo with the kittens

and then on the garden front
the pigeons make a real mess on garden furniture

The roses are beginning to come into bloom in mid-May

We have had the driest winter in over 100 years here in the South East
and then the rains came in earnest and have not ceased yet just as the roses were coming into bloom

Should have lots of photos when we come back.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Garden is Coming to Life Again and my Son's Garden

Brilliant. Alan has finished moving and relaying the garden path stones. We have had the driest winter since early last century and the clay ground is rock hard. He had to use a hammer and chisel to lift turf. The spacing is aligned to a comfortable stretch for me. Thank you Alan.  

Not much colour in the garden yet, but it is coming to life again.
I am still getting used to having a much downsized garden but I do like it. I like the space after all these years of pruning and cutting back etc.

As a complete contrast I'll show you my son's garden in the Spring.
He likes to let it grow wild and do it's own thing!

Believe it or not, this is the pathway back to the house.
He has at least since these pictures cut the grass!

I remember about 16 years ago helping him to plan his garden.
He is single and travels a lot and is happy with this wildness.
Don't tell the neighbours but he even feeds the foxes!