Monday, 14 September 2015

Leigh-on-Sea in September

A sunny day forecast so we take a break and drive out to the Estuary (Thames)
We spend the morning wandering around the town (lots of individual and interesting shops and galleries) before a nice lunch of Lasagne, salad and garlic bread.

We then walk down the cliffs
and look out over Two Tree Island where the cliff vegetation is beginning to look very tired b ut left undisturbed for the wildlife

We walk over the bridge across the railway line

and make our way through Old Leigh

where many people are out eating seafood and enjoying the sun

The tide is out since my first photos this morning except for a channel for the fishing boats

Many places to eat

including a tearoom next to a pedestrian bridge over the railway line

We pass a museum

and a smart restaurant with a deck over the water

the Sea Scouts hut

two more Pubs

and finally a great fresh fish outlet

before walking along the waters edge for a mile or so
( somewhere at this stage I put my camera case down while taking photos and did not realise for some time - so double-backing added a bit to our walk but there was my case just where I had left it)

The tide on the Estuary goes out a couple of miles at this point. When my children were young we used to love walking out to a ship wreck and swim in the warm water that had collected in the hollow where the ship was resting

and finally Chalkwell comes into view
Time to begin walking back
I have posted on Leigh many times in the past so thought taking you with me on the walk would be of interest 

Monday, 7 September 2015

The Voice Weekend at Pilgrims Hall

I can't believe that over a week has gone by since our Bank Holiday Weekend Conference at Pilgrims Hall 

The marquees ready a few days before
so just a few random photos

Three hundred people attended during the 3 day and 4 evening event.

Some people camped while some used hotels, many lived near enough to commute and guest speakers from afar stayed at the hall
Some of the time it was dry and a lot of the time it was long spells of torrential rain but it did not dampen spirits
Food outlets on site were good, both hot and cold.
We had to keep the area in front of the house clear for ambulance or fire engines to turn ( health and safety) but thankfully not needed and the only time the first aid tent was used was for a volunteer with a cut finger!

The campers had a bit of luxury even if they did get wet getting there

One of the late night chat shows

It was a wonderful weekend, challenging, inspiring, informative and it was great to see the different Christian ministries working and flowing together