Sunday, 27 April 2014

Eltham Palace and Gardens

It was around this time last year when we crossed the river to visit Eltham Palace.
Eltham was originally a moated manor house, built by Anthony Bek, Bishop off Durham, in the late 13th century.
It was enlarged by successive monarchs from Edward II to James I, after which it fell into decline, with Edward IV's magnificent great hall being used as a barn. Stephen Courthauld purchased a 99 year lease of the site in 1933. He restored the great hall and added a modern house, designed by Seely and Paget.
The Courthaulds left after the war and the palace was subsequently occupied by various Army education units. English Heritage took over it's management in 1995 and restored and refurnished the opulent 1930s interiors and gardens.  

Eltham Palace was once an important royal palace, playing host to kings and queens and international statesmen. It is one of the few medieval royal palaces in England to survive with substantial remains intact and was one of only six palaces large enough to accommodate and feed the entire Tudor court. 

What we see in the above 2 photos is the new house and the part remains of the original great hall.

Behind the house are the remains of the palace and we begin here looking out towards the City of London

Photos were not allowed in the house but the above entrance hall (taken from a page in the guide book) gives an idea of the style. 

Now a walk around the gardens beginning with part of the original moat now grassed over and made part of the gardens

These two photos taken from the website

Virginia Courthauld's marble and gold bathroom

The family had a pet ring-tailed lemur and one could see  the ladder that led from the ground floor to it's sleeping quarters!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

It's Spring in my Garden with some Changes

Well just one more sleep till the carpet fitters are here!
It has been a long 5/6 weeks decorating and keeping the home running along with our regular commitments, not to mention the garden.
I am seriously not looking forward to the chore of getting everything back in it's place as our stuff is spread around so much upstairs as well as some stored in neighbours homes. However I am looking forward to seeing it all finished. That probably won't be until some time next week as we have our daughter and family coming over Good Friday (will be wonderful to see Oliver and Rebekah) and being Easter weekend there is much on church wise.
I am tired!
I guess it will be another week before a reasonable chill out as I have dentist, osteopath and we have another Christian Spectrum conference.

The new look in my garden in the early evening sun.
Gone are all the central shrub beds - replaced with another rose bed and some grassed over.
I like being able to see to the bottom of the garden. 

and now a few days later looking through the window framed with my new curtains

and a day later with blue skies

Glad I caught this reflection of what looks like a tree indoors! 

Maybe I will be able to get on with some gardening while the carpet fitters are doing their bit.

And finally a happy 15th wedding anniversary to daughter Jane and Chris her husband. 
It was good to take a break and make a few cards too.

For those who were not familiar with my garden before!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

There's Pink in the Garden

With the house in such a mess and hardly anything in it's rightful place for the last five weeks, I feel in limbo and finding it hard to settle and concentrate on a lengthy post.
Our carpets will be fitted a week tomorrow after which we can begin to get straight. Our spare bedrooms are piled with stuff as is our garage/storeroom with our shelving units from our sitting room in a neighbours cabin.
The carpet that I want to rescue to put into our garage/storeroom will be stored in another neighbours garage shortly.

Decorating about finished. There are always extras though like nailing down floorboards that have come loose.
New curtains up today and this afternoon managed some time weeding in the garden. The main colour right now seems to be pink.

The garden will look very different this year with the centre shrub area replaced with lawn and roses

This is just a little "hello" till I get to visit you