Saturday, 23 January 2016

Holkham Hall, Norfolk Part 2

A little extra info. on Holkham.
Interestingly our newspaper this week published an article on the many grand and stately homes in Norfolk in view of Prince William and Kate turning their backs on London and choosing their Norfolk home as their main residence at this time in their lives having many of their friends living in Norfolk.
Quoting from the Daily Mail: There are the two rival grandees of North Norfolk: the Leicesters of Holkham and the Cholmondeleys of Houghton. Both make up part of William's Norfolk shooting circle. 
The Earl and Countess of Leicester are Tom and Polly Coke. They are both older than William and Kate. While Polly is a former milliner, giving her easy chit-chat with Kate, former Army boy Tom is a royal equerry.
They have four children, (photo in last post) and home, Holkham, is a Palladian masterpiece with a 25,000-acre estate and a four-mile-long beach (some of it can be seen in previous post) where Prince Charles and Princess Anne use to play. 

A few more tapestry's and paintings.
We see a Rubens here and the tapestry's are amazing

The Queen Mother with her daughters the Princesses  Elizabeth and Margaret

into the kitchen where I seem to have lost most of my photos

 various sized roasting spits

The entrance as we are leaving

and the house itself from the BACK

Most large country houses have a Deer Park

I have not included the walled gardens as I was not so impressed with them
Added to all the photo issues in getting these two posts completed, today blogger is causing issues in not letting me upload and save photos, has taken ages.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Holkham Hall, Norfolk - Part 1

Well I have my photos of Holkham Hall in some semblance of order, but not without effort. It looks like Windows has fazed out my usual software and I have to get my head around Windows 10 filing system which is not without it's problems.
I will be taking a few posts to complete this.
If you like architecture, art and paintings and tapestry you will certainly like the photos.
An 18th century masterpiece

As we enter the entrance hall this is the grandeur that we are faced with.
The Hall is a magnificent family home and still very much lived in and a dynamic working estate.

This unusual dining table is put together in sections depending on the size needed 

As we wander around the corridors from room to room there are famous paintings among the tapestries and architecture 

This bedroom had been used by Jules Holland, the Musician a few days before our visit as he had a gig in the grounds

Photographs of the family 

Bookshelves everywhere

The family Chapel

I think 32 photographs are enough for one post so do come back for more!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Grand Children are Growing Up

I just can't tell you how frustrated I am with 
Windows 10
I have spent a whole afternoon trying to locate my photos for Holkham Hall. Only half are in that file. I have been going through the files on my i-pad and the photos are there. As far as photograph files are concerned on my computer, Windows files them all over the place depending on how it reads the photo image numbers. 
The following recent photographs, which I decided to post on, as it is going to take so long to sort the others, were filed in a file from both 2011 and 2014 when they are in fact 2015.
For quite some years (8 with some), blogging friends have enjoyed following the progress of each others Grand children.
So for now until I can get to SORTING some pictures I am sharing a few recent ones.

Rebekah who is now 6 years old loves her Grandad

Oliver and Rebekah's school photographs from last term. Oliver is now 9 years old.

They both love running and here they are taking part in the children's races after watching their Mother run one of her half marathons  

Golf is another activity and here Oliver is playing early morning

Cycling is another favourite and even Rebekah manages 11 miles cross country.
She is also loving athletics which she is very good at.

On a more relaxing note they are both loving their new kittens now that their older cats have died.