Sunday, 28 October 2012

Kentwell Hall & Gardens Pt. 4

Having moved on from the house, we pass a vintage Rolls Royce

On our way to the Tearooms for lunch
as we sit inside we watch the Cockerel foraging around under the outside tables
His loud piercing crow makes one jump

Thought I would leave the gardens for last and first do a couple of posts on things of interest in the grounds
Here we see the outside ovens once used for the farm workers cottages in Tudor times

and on entering we get a glimpse of living standards at the time

This cottage had it's own oven

Notice the window in the form of a cross 

Suffolk being well known for the wool industry we see the fleece spun into wool and dyed using vegetables and fruits

Here we see what was the estate brewery

Passing some of the rare breed cattle

and the Woodman's hut

Before coming to the Alchemists' hut
alchemists were the first scientists and carried out genuine scientific experiment
They also sought the elexir of life and to convert bases metals into gold and were to an extent thought of as magicians.
Isaac Newton, perhaps the greatest mathematician the world has known was an Alchemist practicing in both fields.
In the 16th century Alchemy was the province of gentlemen of an enquiring turn of mind but their experiments often involved the use of fire (and even explosives) they tended to work away from where they could put others at risk.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Kentwell Hall & Gardens Pt. 3 (and family)

Excited and relieved to hear that son Peter reached the summit
(almost 20,000 ft) of Mt. Kilimanjaro yesterday.
Only 6 out of the 11 on the trek did. 15 hours of walking at high altitude yesterday for the final push. That means slowly putting one foot in front of the other.
He did not suffer altitude sickness at all but many suffered badly and that means being taken down the mountain quickly.
Looking forward to the photos. Peter says it was exhausting but awesome.
I think he has deserved his 4 days of rest and relaxation in Zanzibar as well as taking in more excursions to see the animals. 
Thank you to those who said they were thinking of him and praying for him

Still wandering around the guest rooms

One takes the steps up to the en-suite in this room
without a rail I was imagining falling down  these steps during the night!

Alan waiting patiently as usual

A very different cot to the one in the servants quarters

This is the State bedroom used by
The Duke of York

and the adjoining large bathroom

One's personal WC I guess unless they are both used at the same time!!

The Mosaic floor

and interesting ceiling

and a peep through a window before we leave the house for the many treats outside

Monday, 22 October 2012

Kentwell Hall & Gardens Pt. 2

We have come through the connecting door ending the last post and entered another room. notice this ancient screen.

Passing some armour

and walking through another door 

into a room with a minstrel's gallery

very ornate ceiling in this room 

Did you notice the portrait of King Henry VIII

Wonder if the children swung around the pillars when young!

Interesting chest

Library and Billiard room

with the room off this obviously used by an artist

Walking back to the hallway

and up the stairs to the guest rooms

the first one obviously has Chinese influence
I seem to remember ancestors of the present family spending a lot of time in China

An en-suite bath

reflections in the dressing table mirror

and a smart four poster bed 

One more post on the house then it will be out into the grounds where there is lots to interest