Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Garden Settling Down after the Storms and Incessant Rain

At last I have been able to get to posting on my current garden.
We have had severe storms, incessant rain, and strong winds during the wettest June on record.
The garden has flooded a number of times and there has been some damage but mostly from rose heads so heavy with water.

Took these photos earlier but as I type the thunder is again rolling around

This cheeky fox (can you see him?) does not seem to want to leave. Not nice as they leave such a smell behind

Some of the rose heads lying on the ground
If they were apples we would have been calling them windfalls

To the left is one of the areas that we have cleared to put down turf for less work

Alan managed to burn the lawn when weeding and feeding it.
The one day that it did not rain or he would have watered it in!

Looking out the front sitting room window

The front caught the worst of the storms

Apart from damage the weeds have taken over like never before and there is a long way still to go to clear them
So over a month since last posting and have wanted to get something down here and at last I have made it.
Looking forward to catching up with everyone.