Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Published Photograph and Today in the Garden

You may remember my saying earlier in the year that I had been approached by the author of a book called Wild Swimming
This book shows many places in the UK where one can swim safely in the wild
This week I received a copy of the finished book
I am very impressed with it
It is full of infomation (even down to the benefits of swimming in cold water)
and has some beautiful photographs
So even if I don't ever go swimming in the wild again
I can enjoy this beautiful book
This first photograph you see is the one that I gave the author permission to use

And here are a few pages from the book

And now for a peep at some colour in my garden today

and the clouds with the silver lining after the hail storm yesterday

I am off on Thursday to my daughter's place for 3 nights,
looking after the animals while they are away
but will be back blogging next week

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunday Morning Church amongst the Bluebells

This is where we had church this morning
We were out in a neighbourhood park at the top of the hill
Looking down on the centre of our town
We were here to prayer walk and pray over the town
Higher up the hill and looking to the right
we have a good view of the London skyline
(which I have posted a number of times before)
and spent time praying over London too
before having more fellowship together drinking coffee in the visitors centre

To be out amongst God's beautiful creation is something I love

Especially at Bluebell time

Breakfast time for the Reindeer

Saturday, 26 April 2008

It Really is Spring

It really is spring today with temperatures in the low 70's here in the
South East of England
What does this mean - it means lots of hard work
Because of rain, snow and flooding I have not been able to work in my garden
for at least 6 weeks
But today it has been weeding, digging, late pruning and
emptying lots of the herb garden ready for replanting
I'm taking a break after slogging for three and a half hours
and plan to do some more after finishing this post

I do like seeing things in the different light at different times of the day
These garden pics were taken this week in the early evening sun
This gives a much truer picture of colours rather than in the bright sun
which seems to lighten colours through glare

Last Thursday I spent the afternoon with a different kind of hard work
I went out and bought a new Wireless keyboard and mouse
This was to replace my existing one which had lost a lot of the letters from the keys
(just as well I can touch type)
and some of the keys were not connecting with a light touch
causing me to have to go back and re-type
When I got home the afternoon proceeded something like this
Loaded the new Microsoft software CD and unthinkingly unplugged the wireless receiver
from my old Logitech
No connection so no mouse or curser to install new microsoft
Reconnected Logitech and still no mouse or curser
For a second time I had to close down my computer with the boot switch
Unplugged the wireless receiver and hubby went up into the loft (roof)
and brought down the non-wireless keyboard and mouse that came with my current computer
Even though I did exactly what I needed to do it did not work
still no curser
Disconnected everything and started again
This time the Logitech stuff worked so
disconnected everything again and started from the beginning
installing the new Microsoft stuff
Did everything right and in the right sequence this time
No mouse or curser
Again shut down with boot switch and disconnected everything
Reconnected my old Logitech
Keyboard and mouse working
I do not have my new Microsoft Keyboard and mouse working but
at least I can use my computer
I will have to wait until my son has the time to pop over

This was certainly harder work than hours working in the garden
At least the garden is showing results!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Village of Stock

On our way back from the reservoir (see previous post)
we drove back through the village of Stock

I managed to persuade Alan to park so that I could walk around and take some photos

As I know just how much my overseas blogging buddies like English villages

The War Memorial

Pond and seat on the green

The bus stop shelter

Grave stones on the High Street

The Hoop Pub

The Bear Pub

And a few houses

A friend of mine lived in this cottage after they retired

Scenes around Hanningfield Reservoir

Hanningfield Reservoir is where we receive our water from
The woods around the reservoir are managed by Essex Wildlife Trust
It is a site of special scientific interest as it is amongst the top places in the country
to watch both woodland and wetland birds
As the weather turned warm and summery yesterday
we decided to have a walk there
Glad we did as today it is heavy rain

As we arrive at the visitor's centre we pass this Wildlife Hotel
in other words, bugs and things

Having drunk our coffee and taken this picture through the observation window
at the visitor's centre we are about to embark on our walk
Do come and join us and see what delights are in store today

Water as far as the eye can see

Bird watching from one of the many hides

The water levels are very high and here we see it spilling over
into the woodlands
Very different to a couple of years ago during our season of drought

Great shadows - are the ducks sitting on the branches

Looking downwards must not miss the delicate White Stitchwort

Black and white
We have arrived at the Fishing Lodge where there is a restaurant
They have a large pre-booked group
We may have to wait a while OR 2 people did not turn up
so if we have what they are eating instead of choosing from the menu
we can eat immediately
We take this option and ate Shepherd's Pie (which is minced Lamb with vegetables topped with creamed potato) accompanied with creamed leeks and celery and carrots.
We pass on the desserts, we are after all walking
but then sat outside with the wildfowl eating ice-cream
Would you believe, these diners were the local retired social group
from the company where Alan worked

no that is not us on the bench
We were feeding ourselves not the birds
We now need to continue our walk

The squirrel turned his back to run away just as I took the picture

Glad we did not need the fire beaters today

The bluebells are out but not fully so it gives a misty effect

Logs set out everywhere in different formations to encourage the wildlife

Colour contrast with the Hornbeams