Thursday, 30 July 2015

Roses, Roses, Roses.

My Roses in early July. They are resting now before their next flush.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Lot can Happen in a Month

Hi! everyone. It's over a month since I have posted but it has not been intentional.
Life has been somewhat overwhelming and busy though I have kept up with Facebook - just so easy and quick on my i-pad.
There have been/are a number of painful and difficult circumstances going on around me, not connected to me and my family personally, but affecting us personally. Also friends with serious medical issues.
Added to that we have been totally remodelling our main bathroom as the previous post shows.

Nearly there but not quite
Still some work to do around the window frames after all the plastering and a new door still to be installed

I want to add some artwork to this space over the bath and I love this cabinet over the basin which is fully mirrored inside and out making it great not only for make-up and cleansing storage but a mirror opened right there against the wall with everything to hand

Putting an old mirror behind the door which facing the cabinet mirror gives an infinity effect

Didn't include a shower as we have a shower bathroom next door
The only downside is that I would now like that room remodelled too!! We will see!

Just in case you had forgotten!!
I will be visiting, I have certainly missed your posts.