Thursday, 29 October 2009

October Goes Out With A Bang

How October has flown and the last two weeks just vanished before I could blink! Cousins of Alan's came to stay with just a couple of days notice, they did not ask, but I would never have seen them staying in a hotel somewhere when we had not seen them for 8 years. They were passing by on their way to Canterbury.

That same day I underwent some difficult dental treatment,
5 impressions, removal of old crown (which took 30 minutes - large back tooth), cutting away of gum around the tooth in order to get deep into the root canal before filling and temporary crown. Ninety minutes in chair! Guests arrived
10 minutes after arriving home.

Oliver had a minor op.for the fittings of gromits in his ears so over to Janie's followed by offering hospitality to two French guests for 5 nights.

The following day Janie and grandchildren over for day so lots of fun with them including stalking in the long grass of a local wild flower meadow with Oliver. Next week both Alan and I will have added another year to our lives and that is something I just cannot believe.

The colours have been changing in the garden but trees in general are a little late in changing colour this year, due I imagine, to the mild temperatures of the Indian summer we have been experiencing. Back to reality this week though as the temperatures are set to plummet.

The tired end of summer lawn is covered in mushrooms but I do not know enough about them to know if they are edible so best left alone.

We are on our way to Janie's and the forest has not 'turned' yet

A little more 'turning' in her road

And a beautiful display from the Maple in her garden

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tilbury Fort

Something a little different. A few weeks ago we decided on a visit to Tilbury Fort one afternoon. As I got out of the car I realised that I had left my camera at home. I hate to go anywhere that affords a photo opportunity without my camera so,turn around and home we go. Fortunately it is not much more than 30 minutes away from home but Alan was adamant that he was not going to go back again that day. I don't blame him! So, instead I quickly made out a shopping list and we did the weekly shop instead, deciding to return to Tilbury the next morning.

As we see here, Tilbury Fort has been protecting London for over 500 years. It is situated alongside the River Thames with views out to the estuary and is only a museum now.

We go inside and explore England's finest example of a 17th century bastioned artillery fort that remained active into the 20th century.

Officers houses built in 1600 - front

and back

a bedroom

Alan playing his part for the photo

The amnunition had to be stored underground in case of explosion

One could not pass this point without changing outer clothes and shoes so as to not take in any dust or grit which could spark an explosion

Here we have the Gunpowder store with reinforced walls

And lastly a peep at The Thames before making our way home

An Award Free Blog

I have decided to make my blog an award free blog. To date I have received 59 awards and I do sincerely appreciate all those who have honoured me in this way, but my real joy comes from receiving your comments and E-mails, getting to know people and building friendships. Likewise tags, in the many tags that I have done, I don't not think there is anything left to say about myself.

So these last 3 that I received during the summer, and to date have not commented on, will be the last 3. So thank you to Bernideen for the "Makes My heart Smile" award, Teresa for the "Exalting Christ" award and Karinann for the "Golden Heart" award.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

East Bergholt Church & Bellcage

When driving past East Bergholt Parish Church late summer I saw another post opportunity, so once again park the car and out comes the camera.
We see part functional church and part ruins

The building of a new tower at East Bergholt was started about 1525 but not completed due to shortage of funds so nowhere to hang the bells.

The answer was to have a bellcage and so it was erected as a temporary measure in 1531and houses the heaviest five bell peel in the country. 

They are rung on Sunday mornings and on special occasions to this day

To hear the bells being rung, click on the following link.

Then click bellcage
Then click 'see and hear them'
and choose whichever download you wish

Bells ring for joy and eke for sadness
Or in the marriage peel of gladness
Do thou like them
Fitly employ the voice
The scripture precept keep
Rejoice with them that do rejoice
And weep with them that weep
Inscription in St. Mary's Bellcage , 1530