Monday, 23 June 2008

Tales From My Garden

Willow and her husband The Professor have now left to continue their trip but there will probably be some more of their outings with us coming up in future posts.

We had to have a photo in the garden before they left

And of our last meal together

Willow said on her blog that blue is her favourite colour

Do you think she felt at home.

Had to replace the white wooden garden seat that is featured on my side bar.

I sat on it and almost went through it after it had rotted some during the winter

This one is alluminium and will not rot

My neighbour's garden gives a nice backdrop to this part of my garden

It's certainly rose time

These next two shots were taken at 9.45 pm

I like the late evening colouring

We are off again tomorrow(Thursday) to cat and rabbit sit at Janie's for a week. We will however come back home for Sunday as our house church are having a water baptism for a new Christian in the garden next door. We will have a time of prayer and worship and then round off with a barbecue and possibly a free for all in the children's pool that is being used for the baptism.

Our blackcurrants are ripening fast so it looks like we will be picking blackcurrants too.

I won't have opportunity to blog while away but hopefully I can get another post done and use blogger's new 'future scheduled service' and schedule for the middle of the week. I will post the last of the pics I took when last at Janie's.

Have a great week everyone.

Thaxted in Essex

On our way to Finchingfield which I covered in my last post, we stopped to walk around Thaxted. These villages are so close (15 minutes by car) but are so different, each with their own individual charm.

I have been asked about the patterns on the plaster work of some of the buildings. This is called Pargeting and has been done for centuries and is quite common in Essex. Another point of interest is the differing patterns on thatched roofs. These patterns are the signatures of the thatcher.

The Guildhall built in 1390 a.d. by the Guild of Cutlers (Cutlery)
is still used today

Even the tiniest of back yards can be decorative

Willow admiring the cobbled street

and waiting for her coffee in the tea room

The Windmill

The old Almshouses

Pub on the left - church on the right

Stay tuned for more of Willow's adventures!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Village of Finchingfield in Essex

Having seen Willow and I outside the tearooms in Finchingfield in the last post, I invite you to stroll with us around this beautiful village, just 30 miles from our home, and take in the lovely and quaint cottages around thie village green. Unfortunately the village pond has been emptied for maintenance work on the walls. Apart from that, it is immaculate.

Village pond drained for maintenance work

The pub where we ate lunch

See the windmill

Cats in the window

For Sale

Roadside ditch

Can you see the duck perched on top of the roof
I guess he is missing the pond

Stepping under the arch of the ancient Almshouses
on our way into the churchyard

The Almshouses

The village Library

Walking back out under the arch to the road

There's more to come on this day out in another post