Sunday, 30 June 2013

Random Photos of Garden Just One Week Later

How quickly the garden can grow in a week in June.
Had a lovely holiday with hundreds of photos to post eventually but for the moment until I can get to sorting any here is a peep at how the garden was when we returned.

I am going to love this new rose bed when it matures
Although in some ways I miss the vibrant mix of Hybrid Teas that we had before I am sure the vast expanse of red will be worth it

We stayed in a charming cottage which I will post on next time

It took us almost all day to get home yesterday in what should have been a 3 hour 10 minutes driving time
Spent hours on the motorways going nowhere with lane closures due to a truck on fire, a coach broken down in the middle lane and extremely heavy traffic, particularly in the Heathrow area.
The first hot day of the year too so heavy 'day out' traffic

We now have a birthday BBQ to attend having been to a coffee morning earlier so won't be sorting photos today!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend

Friday, 21 June 2013

Random Photographs of my Garden on 21st June 2013

Well it is the longest day of the year today and we are off on  holiday tomorrow. The beauty of going away this time of year is the long light evenings.
As for Summer a columnist in our newspaper this week said he enjoyed Summer which lasted from 6.0 am until 8.0 pm last Wednesday. About right.
Lots of rain and wind forecast
Hopefully it will ease off during the week as we have lots of places to visit, especially gardens and the beautiful Jurassic Coast.
Life has been exceptionally busy these last couple of weeks and blogging has taken a back seat but I hope to be rectifying that.
For the moment I am leaving you with some random photos of the garden today (before the torrential rain)

I love my garden mirror

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Wickham Place Farm Garden - Pt. 2

Having enjoyed the wisteria I'll now show you the rest of the garden
Wickham Place Farm dates from around 1706 and up to 1948 it was the kitchen garden and gardener's cottages to the
'big house'. The entrance to that house is now blocked.
From 1948 to 1952 it was used as a cattle farm.
From 1952 the ornamental gardens and woods were planted.
In 1987 the once lovely estate was overgrown and the current owners, Judith and Terry bought a dilapidated house with a thicket of garden and woodland (and a job for life?!)
The hurricane only 4 months later compounded the problems with about 1000 trees lost.
Judith, the lady of the house has been the main restorer (encouraged by her husband). 
Judith says she looks after the garden mainly on her own with only a few hours of paid help.  

We took a picnic with us and am taking this photograph while eating it and enjoying the many fish (large carp) in the pond

The folly

Here we are leaving the formal garden and walking around the woodland paths

before returning back in to the formal garden areas

The back of the owner's house

Tea and cakes available too and profits along with garden entrance fees all going to a local hospice

Definitely a private house

Hope you enjoyed