Thursday, 22 January 2015

Kingston Lacy, Dorset (Part 3)

Having wandered around the house we will now have a walk around the formal gardens by way of the marble staircase built between 1663 and 1665

The back of the house

and side

The Maple garden

and Fernery

I have added a bit more information on the last 2 posts on the house having found the notes I made at the time on a scrap of paper
Our visit was in 2013 and I could hardly read my scribbles
Hope you enjoyed the visit

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Kingston Lacy, Dorset (Part 2)

Continuing posting on Kingston Lacy
The following 9 pictures show such an extremely ornate room, The Spanish Room or
 the Gentlemen's room!

decorated in leather, gold and marble designs

and now back to the general family rooms

State bedroom

with the Figure of Silence and 2 guarding angels

The bathroom

and another amazing ceiling

The Entrance Hall

Now how would you like to weigh yourself on these scales?

The gold cupboard

wine cellar

A bell for each room to call the servants

The Fire station

The family made their money owning graphite mines and they were lawyers and members of Parliament 

I will finish in the next post but we will be leaving the house and walking outside in the gardens