Thursday, 20 October 2016

Regents Canal in London

Let's stroll along the Regents Canal in London today.
I have my son to thank for these photos.

This is a very popular canal with a mixture of visiting barges and permanent homes on the water

Looks out of place, but no, just passing these London terraced houses 

Chinese influence

One always needs books!

These interior designs are from the original working barges over 100 years ago

Where to now?
Not having been out and about this year I am low on new interesting photos.
I did mention a little while ago that my son was happy for me to post pictures from his many travels in such interesting parts of the world. I will, but right now just do not know where to start as he has many thousands.
So while getting to those thought it would be good to post some from near to home so hope you like these 'different side of London' pictures.
On an entirely different note, I have had the M.R.I. results - 
Degenerative changes in lower back, in other words,  Osteo-Arthritis or as my Consultant doctor friend says 
"old age" - yes I have forgiven him.
The right exercise and learning to manage pain is now on the agenda.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Another Street Party for our Queen's 90th Birthday

Having posted a little while ago on our street party where we celebrated Her Majesty's 90th birthday I never got around to posting another one that we attended in July.
This is the street party given by King's Heart church for the neighbours in the road.
We attended this church for 6 years in the past so know people well. 

Here we see a singer from West End musicals ( her name has gone straight out of my mind) who is a friend of the church worship leader who wrote and directed the show Love Beyond that I attended and posted on in November 2013 (my goodness how time flies) She has an  amazing voice and sang for about 2 hours in all.

Birthday card made for our Queen by the children and taken up to the Palace that evening

Birthday cake made by Hazel one of the church members

The children being encouraged to join in the singing

A great rendition of the National Anthem to finish