Friday, 3 April 2015

Exploring Tea - Part 5 - Rediscovering The Art of Tea

In continuing posting on Tea I found this 4 minute video interesting telling of the vision behind
Newby Teas.
If you are interested in tea drinking you will be interested in this.


The definitive chronicle of tea’s extraordinary history, The Chitra Collection is as enchanting as it is elaborate. Pieces drawn from every continent bring a fascinating story to life, illustrated by the intricate craftsmanship of artisans through many hundreds of years – a craftsmanship rarely found today.
The Chitra Collection exists not just as a reminder of that past, but as a hope for today and tomorrow. Its elegant artworks represent an age where the business of enjoying tea was taken seriously, and the various ceremonial traditions which emerged around it were observed with great reverence.
By sharing the treasures which define this exquisite collection, Newby hopes to rekindle a desire to respect tea tradition again. Fine teas, blended, preserved and stored by those who truly care about indubitable quality, are deserving of that respect – a fact surely recognised by the likes of FabergĂ©, Paul Storr and Tiffany and Co, as they crafted esoteric teaware of similarly unquestionable merit.
Newly commissioned decorative pieces line up with one-of-a-kind antiques, beginning an overdue renaissance of tea culture led by Newby founder Mr Sethia, whose N. Sethia Foundation charitable trust owns the collection. While at present privately held, the collection’s items will add unique value and interest to future public exhibitions.
The Chitra Collection is an ever-present inspiration, a reminder that tea need never be ordinary, it should always be special.
You can discover more about the origins of the pieces which make up The Chitra Collection, and the personal ethos which inspired it's curation on the above video.
For myself right now I can hear Alan in the kitchen making tea
I'll be back
Happy Easter to everyone