Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It's Christmas!

Better late than never - did not get current photos for our 55th wedding anniversary last week so here are a couple now 

before moving into a late night Christmas Eve posting

 I just love the way the lights reflect in the windows

and I am so glad that my Orchids are making their presence known at Christmas too 

I will not be setting the table until tomorrow

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish my blogging friends a Very Happy Christmas
and a Blessed 2015
It is a joy to journey with you through your blogs
I am looking forward to catching up on visiting after Christmas

Friday, 19 December 2014

Married 55 Years Ago Today - 19.12.2014

Hard to believe but yes it is 55 years today since we made that commitment to one-another.
Fifty-five years of love, fun, trauma, pain and everything in-between.
Not forgetting two wonderful children and two Grandchildren.
By God's Grace we live a happy, fulfilled and busy life, thankful for each day.

The words in my card to Alan are very apt.
It seems like only yesterday
I heard you say 'I do'
We held each other's hand
And promised to be true

It seems like only yesterday 
I gladly gave my heart
And vowed whatever life may bring
From you I'd never part

And here we are upon this day (55 years)
So much time has passed
Who could have known back then
The love we'd found would last

And last it has and what is more
It's grown with each new day
You've filled my life with memories sweet
That will not fade away

So thank you for the years of love
We've shared and we share still
I loved you when at first we met
And I always will

and Alan's card to me
It certainly has not all been easy but certainly worth while

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Garden in November and December

Roses were still lovely in November but nothing like the Summer show of course

A little colour

and then December sets in
with a cheeky Fox

and I don't enjoy having to have the lights on  all day when it is so dull outside

Having had our first severe frost I brought in the last of the roses and cut down all the buds so that I can forget them now until February pruning

and I can never resist a sunset which shows that it is not all gloom. In fact we had a glorious sunrise this morning but we don't have the view at the front like we do for sunsets at the back.
Now it's time to think of getting out the Christmas decorations and tree and finish making the cards.