Thursday, 29 May 2014

Random Shots of the Garden and ROSES

How I love roses!

The roses out front are doing well too though since this picture was taken we have had lots of torrential rain which makes the flower heads heavy 

Last year's new bed - hard to remember the multi-coloured bed that was there before

Lots of yellow at the bottom

The difference a week makes

I do love the Salix at this time of year (behind the Diablo on the right)

so decided to plant 2 new ones
this one to replace a 'past it's best' Rosemary in the Herb bed

and this one to replace a clipped Euonymus 

You can see this year's new rose bed in the centre but I think it will be a couple of weeks before there is much colour there

Roses in the new 'red' bed start out like this

and when fully open look like this

 6 inches across and dwarfs the mug alongside it

My daughter, Grandchildren and Son-in-Law enjoying lovely weather in Cornwall in the South West while we have had a very wet week with torrential rain and hail stones in the South East

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It's Not All Fun!

Well some of it is
We meet again with Joyce and Don from Louisiana but this time it is just for a day at the Westfield Mall where I knew there were plenty of places to sit and linger
I met Joyce through blogging as my regular blog friends will know
The last two times we have met Joyce and Don have stayed in our home but this time they were staying in the centre of London

The day passed very quickly as there was so much to talk about and catch up on, and all too soon it was early evening and time to say our goodbyes.
The not so much fun for the week is my having dental surgery tomorrow to remove my last molar. It consists only of a crown and filled root so really hoping it does not break up.
My dentist insisted I arrange for 2 days rest afterwards as after the last extraction I had a dry socket and infection having gone on holiday 36 hours afterwards. He also told me to 'prepare myself mentally'  Now how is that to make one feel at ease!

Another fun bit is the fact that I now have my lights back up after the decorating.
I'll leave you for now with a few pics from walking through Mapperton Village in Dorset

Not often one sees a wool and haberdashery shop like this any more

The village square in the rain

and I do love 'live' car park walls!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Decorating, Carpets and Curtains - Feels Like a New House (and Garden)

It's 2 weeks now since we finished decorating and had new carpets downstairs. I promised I would show the make-over.

The burgundy tie-backs are the only new accessory which I thought tied in well with what I already had.

All looking much lighter, brighter and airier. I have enjoyed my navy theme but changing to a light theme makes it all feel new. I have managed to keep navy and burgundy accessories as I did my best to tie it all in with what we already had.

The garden is colouring up too and it certainly looks new in design having removed so many shrubs

The first show of roses at the back accompanying the damaged fence from the Spring storms

A 'finger' painting to match the garden done on my i-pad 
with 'Meritum Soft'
I am working on catching up with everyone and I do need to post on the rest of last years trips.
I'll get there eventually! 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

It's Bluebell Time and May Blossom

Definitely a day for a walk in the woods. Here we are at Westleigh Heights about 25 minutes drive from home and it is another world of acres of ancient woodland.

Bluebells in every direction as for as the eye can see.

The perfume is overwhelming and the interesting thing is that there is no reaction of watery eyes or anything so one can just enjoy breathing in the deep scent.

This is a well managed ancient woodland where everything is left to rot creating a great environment for wildlife as well as giving the soil great nutrients

Added to the pleasure there is a Pub opposite the woods so after our walk Cod & Chips sounded good. First this year. 

Mid-afternoon the Pub  side is quiet but the restaurant side is very busy

When we arrived it was warm and sunny and this area was busy too but not now as we are leaving. The sun has disappeared and their is a slight chill in the air.

The Pub and Retaurant

and the road home

It's also that time of year when the roadsides are full of
May blossom 

Hope you enjoyed your walk. I took over 80 photographs buyt enough here for the post.