Friday, 30 December 2011

Cakes Galore at Leigh-on-Sea

A change of scene with a visit to the wedding cake shop
in Leigh-on-Sea

The pictures taken through the window show lots of reflections

Which one do you like best?
It has to be the two in the above photo for me I think

This shop contains a small tea room and there are lots of cup cakes to choose from
Having just had lunch we passed on this and I did not buy any to take home!

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a
Very Happy New Year

Friday, 23 December 2011

A Week of Happenings

Quite a mixed week. It began on Sunday with house churches together at our Christian school for an informal time of praise and worship followed by a table laden with food
Relationships and eating together is an integral part of our worship

Followed the next day for Alan and I, the celebration of our 52nd wedding anniversary
and a Nativity Play in town put on by local churches (hourly over 2 weeks)

On the following day, painting a property on site that will house a group of young people from Ywam (youth with a mission) that we are hosting through 2012

with the funeral of an elderly neighbour the following day

 Thursday Janie and the Grandchildren were here for 9 hours
loved having them but ended up too tired for evening Carol singing in the street

So it was back to planning for Christmas today - quite a mixed bag

so taking the opportunity to wish all my blogging buddies a very Happy Christmas and Blessed and Peaceful New Year

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Scenes Around My House

It's Christmas
the tree is up

along with my knitted Christmas craft

with a different view from the conservatory

with a peep into the dining room

and some lights in the front

the cards are made, written and posted

the cake is made


and iced

and the Blackbird feasts every day outside my kitchen window

I think wrapping the presents will be next
in a week's time I will be looking forward to the Christmas edition of Downton Abbey
Did I say that life was looking good!

I am just being facetious, Christmas is more than these outward symbols as we know so I look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus and enjoying the company of my family, aware that many do not have that privilege for whatever reason. My heart goes out to them and they will be in my prayers.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

London on a July Sunday Pt. 5

My 5th post on one day walking in London away from the tourist areas. It is mid-afternoon now and we need to make our way back to the car, same direction but different route

The Duke of Wellington on his horse

J.H. Greathead - Chief Engineer of of the City and South London railways

George Peabody - born Massachusetts 1795 - an American Philanthropist and great benefactor of the poor of London

The Guildhall has been the powerhouse of the city since the 12th century. In an era when the Lord Mayor of London rivalled the monarch for influence and prestige, this was where he and the ruling merchant class held court, fine-tuned the laws and trading regulations that helped create London's wealth.

Law Courts

Small building in the middle - the entrance to the ancient Knights Templar church - depicted in da Vinci Code book

A close-up

Royal Courts of Justice

and Twinings Tea Company opposite

and The George Pub - founded 1723 as a coffee house

and finally feeling pretty tired after a long day walking we opt for afternoon tea at the Courtauld Gallery again
interestingly everyone sitting in this courtyard is American

I had Stem Ginger cake this time and Alan Iced Lemon Drizzle

The Courtauld Gallery is situated within the buildings of Somerset House and we walk through the courtyard where children (and some adults) are cooling off in this water feature which becomes an ice rink in the winter

before picking up the car and driving home
There is current talk of stopping free parking on a Sunday and charging a hefty £2.40p an hour. This could seriously cramp my style