Friday, 27 June 2014

My Garden in June and..........

I am enjoying having all the mid-garden and centre shrubs gone
I enjoy seeing to the bottom of the garden from my kitchen window

The above is an evening scene as the light is fading

The latest new rose bed

I am pleased at how it is developing and good to watch the colours develop and change as the flower matures

My quirky area at the bottom that replaced the shed and greenhouse is maturing too

These Strawberry Hill roses are a dream and the perfume fills the house indoors

part of the new bed

and here a peep at a bush in the front

From the front
This little duck I bought for the garden but right now I am liking him indoors

Another four flower heads from the front

and do you like this? A friend who is the young Mother of five beautiful children is starting a little business making what she calls "Treasured Letters"
I had these made to sit with photos of our 40th and 50th wedding anniversaries  - another 5 years to 60th, hopefully!

I'll  finish with a look at the sky around 10 pm
For those that have asked, I now have access to my blog and can comment on yours
After days and days of getting things sorted my mail box E-mail address has not changed but I am having to use a Hotmail address to access my blog and a gmail address for the rest of Google sites
It has been very stressful as there was a point where I wondered if I could ever get into my blog again
My friend Lin has been an angel

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Cerne Abbas, Dorset

Let's get back to this post where we are wandering around the village of Cerne Abbas. Another delightful place.

The village stocks from time gone by

The village is surrounded by hilly terrain as you can see here

The Giant Inn which gets it's name from the next photo

The limestone giant on the hillside - hard to show how large this is

The New Inn

leading out to the garden 

Coffee time

This is where we had our lunch - The Royal Oak, the outside belying the interesting interior

Built in 1540 from the remains of the Abbey
It was originally a Coaching Inn and Blacksmiths 

Mind he steps and your head

One of the locals reading his newspaper 

I love the mirrored fireplace reflecting the pots

The original door

where we sat and ate Sausage and Mash in a large Yorkshire Pudding with onion gravy for Alan and Lasagne, salad and garlic bread for me

We are now walking around the edge of the village before driving back to our cottage as this was our third visit of the day 

Well I am certainly having a nightmare of a time with Google/Blogger
Have spent almost all of 2 days trying to access my blog since Google stopped allowing use of any address other than Gmail.
I was so frustrated in the end that I was almost in tears.
I followed every link, every instruction dozens of times and got nowhere.
Could be because I received the warning E-mail from my server when we were in the middle of the decorating so took little notice of it. I followed their instructions on change over day!
Eventually a friend of mine who knows nothing about blogger but is good at 'playing around with computers' managed to gain access. Not ideal as I am having to access by a lengthy and roundabout way.
I find it very irritating that neither Google or Blogger can be 
E-mailed or telephoned.