Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Sedona, Arizona in Watercolour

Thought I would do a quick post before reading through some of my favourite blogging buddies. Decided on a photo of one of my watercolours. Unfortunaately, taking the photo through the glass of the frame did not do well this time. The subject is Sedona, Arizona and painted from a photograph taken by my son. I painted the picture for him so it is not in my possession to try and get a better shot.
We are having some amazing weather so I must make sure that I don't miss it all through sitting blogging over coffee instead of sitting in the sun. The London Marathon took place last Sunday and the temperature hit 81f.


Susan said...

Barbara, If a tag you must have...You've been tagged!!! he he

Susan said...

Just read your post. You paint!!! I've always thought that would be such a wonderful gift to have. When I get to Heaven one of the things I hope I get to do is paint!! I've always thought it would be so wonderful to capture some of the beautiful sights my eyes have beheld.

Karen said...

Barbara, I love that picture. I'd like to see more of things you've painted. My mother is an artist, and I've written a post to share on Friday for the Show and Tell Friday's post. It's something she has painted.
Enjoy your beautiful weather!

Merisi said...

You should go and visit this lovely place yourself! It's so different from other landscapes, very intense shades of terracotta and blue.