Monday, 16 April 2007

Lunchtime in my April Garden

Sitting by the pond having lunch today in beautiful sunny weather. 78f. Quite unusual for the U.K. in mid-April. Having seen on the news, the devastation and stormy weather on the Eastern U.S. Coast, I felt extra blessed.
I then took a couple of shots of views either side in my neighbours gardens

A poem of mine written in 1982

I'm lonely and different
Abused and ashamed
And no-one hears my cry
Or so it seems
Except the demons within
And so begins the masquerade.

I take the centre stage
And dance in my own light
I become a God unto myself
I think I am the centre of the universe
I trample on the beauty around me
In desperation, until

The stage becomes my prison
I am trapped, there is no way out
The frantic pace closes in on me
The nights are long, the pain is deep
Until, in desperation and prayerful surrender
The answer came.

I am not different
I am a part of the whole
The Creator of the universe,
Manifested in me, through me
Spirit joined to Spirit
Everlasting, Eternal and Complete.

Barbara Rogerson 1982


la bellina mammina said...

That's a beautiful poem - and I feel so at peace every time I look at those gorgeous photos of your garden.

Tracy said...

Lovely garden, and poem. Oh, how we think that our troubles are greater than other's, and that there is no hope. But there is hope, in Christ Jesus! Amen!

Unknown said...

Your poem is lovely. And your gardens, oh my I am so jealous. I would love to eat lunch in that garden, or munch on a cracker for that matter.

Yes we are having some terrible weather here but in central Florida it was not bad. They had a tornado a bit further south than us, but here where I am we had some windy days and some rain. Nothing serious.

It is terrible up in the northeast, and the awful news of the shootings in Virginia has us reeling. Such awful news.

Thanks for keeping track of us. And thanks for sharing your beauty.

Anonymous said...

Those garden photos are just gorgeous..I would love to be able to spend time in a beautiful garden like that every day! Your poem is amazing...straight from the heart. Nel xo

Betty said...

Barbara, I've never had the pleasure of walking through a Bluebell garden or even seeing one but I know it would be wonderful.

What a talented poet you are....We are perplexed in our nation over the school shooting and the poor families of those who lost their lives....and those injured. We certainly don't know understand but know that God is in control even in this sad situation....

Thanks for visiting me.....