Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Butterfly Card

Do you like this butterfly? It is a birthday card made, and sent to me by a friend. It is created with silk paints on silk. Done by allowing the colours to run into each other and then the silk is stuck onto card and cut into a butterfly shape. Very simple yet very effective.


Unknown said...

Just wrote you a nice long note and then lost it.

The butterfly card is lovely. I love the colors.

Yes, the 100% cotton yarn is all I use for dishcloths. I get Sugar and Cream yarn. That is the name on the label. There is another brand that I do not know the name of, that is a baby yarn. It is more pastel colors. But any 100% cotton would have the good absorbency that you want. And the colors do not run on those yarns either. I have used yarns that are synthetic and acrylic and the colors run badly with then get wet. Not a good choice.

Sugar and Cream, I would think, would be available somewhere for you. I would think if not, that you could order it somehow. But they are inexpensive - 99 cents on sale.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes for you.

Susan said...

What a lovely gift. I love silk and love the blending of the colors.

Tracy said...