Saturday, 7 April 2007

Blogging Help

This beautiful tree with ever so delicate flowers (they last less than a week) is growing in my neighbour's garden but it does overhang mine so I can enjoy it too. I do not know what it is called, neither does my neighbour. I took it yesterday late morning.
Then last evening at about 8.0 pm I spotted this very pretty sky. The sun had set before then but the rays were still catching the clouds.
Thought I would share with blogging friends out there something that I have found helpful. When one gets Post Comments coming through via. E-mail, only a name is shown and until I get really familiar with the blogsite of that person I may need to look up the site to check who it is.

So I took a notebook and have made an entry for each one. Things like name, location, age if known, blog name and site, E-mail where appropriate and any other relevant details that are of particular interest to me. I have found this really helpful. I am a 'list' person who likes things organised as you can see. So I hope this is helpful to someone.


Tracy said...

Beautiful photos, Barbara, and a very good tip, as well. I always look at a person's blog before posting their comments. I feel that by posting their comments on my blog, it invites my readers to visit the commenter's blog as well. I have never had to not post, so far! Does this make sense?

I have received some rude comments from someone who did not actually have a blog, only a *private* profile. I chose not to publish those. Your organized idea is a grand one! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

What I meant was that each time I have checked out someone's blog, I have thought that it was lovely, and would like to post the comments that the person left me, with no fear of my readers encountering a nasty blog if they chose to visit the commenter. How terrible I would feel if I hadn't checked the person's blog for myself, posted the comment, had one of my readers decide to visit them, and be offended. I'm probably talking in circles!
I told you how to post a comment for your readers on my blog, under your question, as well!

Beach Girl said...

Hi Barbara~

Thank you for visiting my blog. It's so nice to meet new blog friends from all over the world.

I am enjoying yours as well and will add it to the list of links on Yahweh's Retreat.

Have a joyous Easter!


Lee said...

Hi Barbara,

Just wanted to check in and say Hello and Happy Easter.

Lotsa love, Lee xx

Sol said...

Hello there. I am new to your blog,and I am glad that I found you. Such beautiful photos ;-} I hope you are having a happy Easter. Here where I live in Norway,it`s snowing right now....Spring is strange.Beautiful warm weather one day,and snow the other day....

Annabelle said...

I just stopped by to say Happy Easter Barbara.
I can't be sure what your neighbor’s tree is, maybe a wild cherry? I love the spring very cute. Of course I love all sheep and pasture sceneries from England and the British Isles so much so that I was lucky enough a few weeks ago in finding one of Farquharson titled “Highland Raiders”. No it’s not of sheep but all the same the picture is mesmerizing and I adore it. Now I have to find one of a pasture with sheep in England or Scotland…haha.
Thanks for the blogging tip.

Luv Annabelle

la bellina mammina said...

beautiful photos as usual Barbara - and thanks for the tip. I need to learn to post links. Hope your Easter was blessful and btw, you've been tagged on my site.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh you are very organised indeed Barbara! I love your photos, both gorgeous thanks for sharing! I hope you still enjoy a happy Easter time! xox

Barbara said...

I am just trying something out here. Seeing if I can reply to a comment on my own blog from my own blog.
Tracy I will look for your instructions. Thanks. I am also wondering how to include a photo with commnent.

Tracy said...

Yea!!! You did it. Commenting on your own post that is! Now, to include a photo with your comment, you must edit your profile, and add a photo there. This photo will then show up on every comment that you make!
This process is a bit more tricky than adding a photo to your post, but not difficult. You must right click on the photo of your choice. Look for properties. Click that, and look for address. Highlight the given address, making sure to get it all. Copy. Now go to yuor edit profile page and paste the address in the box for the photo url. Click save changes to profile, and you should be good to go!

Tracy said...

When you click on properties it might say location instead of address. You can highlight that just the same.