Wednesday, 11 April 2007

I've Been Tagged - REAL MUMS

With husband Alan and son Peter

Daughter Jane with Oliver

So I have been tagged (first time) and the subject is "Real Mums". Thank you la bellina mammina!

I did not want to think about this but just see what my immediate thoughts were, like when you do a personality test and they say, don't think just write what comes into your mind. So here goes:

Real Mums................
Want to take the pain away
Would rather 'go through it themselves' than see their child suffer
Lay awake at night until their grown children come home
Want their child to know God for themsleves
Want their child to become a fully functioning adult
Push their child to independence no matter how it hurts
Hide their own pain
Love till it hurts
Want to show off their grandchildren
Accept and love unconditionally
Go out to buy something for themselves but come back with a new outfit for "Johnny"
Hurt when their offspring take wrong paths
Stay up late planning surprises
Leave their 'child' at university for the first time with a smile, but then cry the whole way home
Encourage 'child' to hang in and see it through when phoning home in tears, but longing to rush down and bring them home.

Whose next? I'll be mean and nominate my daughter Janie, Becky and Tracy Have fun! I'll be checking.


Anonymous said...

I took some time and read your blog. Yes, I love it! The "mum" post sure hit home with me and you said it all. Being a mom is something you can hardly put a pen to. Your post spoke my heart.
So glad you commented on my blog. So glad I came to visit yours :)

Barbara said...

Thanks Ginger. Much appreciated.

Susan said...

Agree with everything you said 100%. Being a "mum" is the most rewarding, hardest and most challenging job God gives us.

la bellina mammina said...

true, true, true. Thanks for playing along - and tagging others too!;-)

Janie said...

I've written about Real Mum's on my blog now. Have a look.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tag. It will be fun to think about. Hmm, maybe I'll do a slide show for it :)

I love what you said, and the story you shared, about God being busy in our lives when we are making other plans. I always think of Joseph, who would never know the plans God had for him while he was busy trying to survive and be a decent fellow in the midst of all his struggles. OH, God had such a plan for him. Sometimes I think that if we really knew what God had in mind for us, we might in fear.

Unknown said...

I neglected to tell you that I posted the Real Mums meme. You may have to go down a bit on the blog to get to it as I have done more since then. It was a fun one. Thanks.