Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Bluebell Woods

The daffodills have finished so it was time to go and see the Bluebells. Drove to the nearest Bluebell woods just 10 minutes away as I did not have time to go further afield where I could have taken a beautiful long walk through acres of Bluebells.
As I was enjoying the beautiful colours and tranquility I was very much aware of the traumatic shootings on a school campus in Virginia, USA. My heart went out to the families and friends at this very difficult time. In these days of global media coverage I know that prayers go out from all around the world and I know that prayer can lift us in our circumstances to a place we never knew existed in happier times.
I am daily amazed at the appreciative comments I receive from my blogging friends. It makes the time taken to do this so worthwhile if just one person is blessed. I am very humbled.

I remember as a child, along with many others, coming home with arm fulls of bluebells, only to be disappointed when they all went floppy in the vase. Bluebells are one of the wild flowers that do not do well indoors. Today in England they are an 'endangered species' so it is illegal to pick them anyhow. They look far better in their natural setting.


Isobel said...

Barbara - these pictures are just what I needed today, a walk through the bluebells, tranquil, refreshing, lifting up of spirits.
you sweet, sweet woman

Tracy said...

My daughters and I think that these pictures look like something from a fairytale. Just beautiful!

Unknown said...

A bluebell wood! Who EVER would have thought that such a lovely thing existed?? I agree with Tracy. My very first thought on seeing the picutures, before I even read the text, was that surely there must be Tinkerbells flitting about at every turn.

Thanks, Barbara!

Beach Girl said...

That is just beautiful! Someday I would love to visit there. My ancestors were the typical combination: English (Cole), Irish (O'Neal) and Scottish (Aiken) and I'd love to take an ancestor trip one day.

Thanks you for sharing this with us.


Susan said...

Just beautiful. Stunningly beautiful. Makes me want to take my shoes off and run barefoot through them. Have you ever done that?

"They look far better in their natural setting" I think God has made that so for us too, as well as the bluebells!

Anonymous said...

As a girl I lived in Bluebell Stree (Blåklokkeveien). It was always my favorite flower.

Portrait of Peter said...

The bluebell woods are always a delight to see and your photo's capture their beauty.

Anonymous said...

They are wonderful pictures. I have just been reading over your recent posts. I loved seeing pics of the family and reading the story of all that went wrong when you were in Kentucky. And you 'real mums' list was so touching.
Great blog Barbara.

Cherry xx

la bellina mammina said...

we don't have blubells in Singapore - so, thank you for sharing these.

Anonymous said...

My thought was the same as Tracy's daughter, fairytaleland. Wow, it's unbelievalbe. Glorious!

Nonnie said...

Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous and just the thing to lift our spirits after all the sad news this week. I remember picking bluebells when I was little too only to be disappointed that they didn't last. They're definitely best appreciated laying in blue carpets in the woods.