Sunday, 20 May 2007

What's new in colour today?

I have been working hard in the garden this weekend but could not finish without a few more shots of emerging colours.
I love this Diabolo. I only planted it last year so it has lots more growing and spreading to do. It's only just beginning to flower but I could not resist.
A peep at the bottom of the garden - not much colour yet

The Clematis that is already in flower is not doing too well this year. I think it is a combination of such a long dry spell in the Spring (Clematis like a lot of water) and also the Shield Bug that is growing fat on it. I think the Clematis that has not yet flowered looks much healthier. Will post in due course.

Chives in the Herb Garden

And Sage

One last look at the Rock Roses


Rosemary said...

I haven't seen your blog before today. What a beautiful garden you have. I love all of the color.
I found you by reading another blog. Anyway, stop by my blog sometime.

Beach Girl said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I would love to have a garden, but I don't have much of a green thumb. I also need to research what grows well in the harsh conditions (when we have storms). I have often envisioned flowers growing all along the front porch.

Thank you for linking the recipe back to my blog. If you ever want butterscotch chips, I'd be glad to mail you some if you'd like.


Linda said...

It's looking beautiful. What is it that is so special about English gardens? I have lots of heat here so have to plant things that will thrive in it. Lavander isn't a bad thing to have.

Anonymous said...

so nice to drop by again and see your lovely garden...have missed catching up with you and Janie...Nel xo

Tina said...

Hi Barbara,
Yesterday afternoon was dedicated to gardening as well. It is looking so nice and tidy that make us feel proud. have bought strawberries to grow and I hope I can get some for a lovely cake. :)

Tea said...

What a lovely garden you have!


Anonymous said...

It is all looking wonderful.

Unknown said...

Your flowers continue to amaze me. The colors are so vibrant. I love the creativity of our Creator! I have a wonderful 2 bowlfuls of gardenias right now that are making my home smell heavenly. Unfortunately they are not from my bushes as mine are still too young to produce too much. They do have a few though, for the first time. My hydrangeas are getting ready to unfurl and they will be stunning as usual.

Thanks for asking about the fires. They are still around but seem to be more under control. The smoke, at least, has not bothered us for about a week. That is a blessing.

Can't wait to spend a bit more time in my garden (not NEARLY as impressive as yours) when I am out of school. Looking forward to that.

Rosemary said...

Hi again Barbara,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You are such an interesting lady.
I wanted to leave a post about your yummy recipe. It sounds great. I just didn't see the comment part to that new post.
Anyway thanks for the recipe.

smilnsigh said...

I love all your flowers and especially love your pond.


la bellina mammina said...

As usual - your flowers are gorgeous! I can't post a comment on your tuna recipe - wanted to know the conversion into grammes since that's what we use here.

Tea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Barbara. That recipe looks really yummy and I`m going to try it sometime.
Don`t know why my last pictures raen`t showing up. I can`t even see them anymore in edit, even though they are still there. Very strange!


Tea said...

P.S. I had to comment in your other post because there didn`t seem to be a "comments" to click on.