Sunday, 13 May 2007

Back to Leigh-on-Sea for a Walk

I think it is time to take you on another walk. We are at Leigh-on-Sea again and we have just walked down the cliff, across the bridge over the railway and down to the water's edge, except there is no water because the tide is out. It is early Saturday evening and cool and very windy so there are few people about.
Now passing a Buoy that is no longer in use but used as decoration.

The fish stall is closed at this time of day so no fresh fish available

Yachts left high and dry

We are now coming to another bridge that will take us back over the railway

Looking towards Chalkwell from the top of the bridge. It was so windy it was hard to keep the camera still.

We have now crossed the bridge and are making our way up through this park onto the road

Do you need to take a breath before we walk up Leigh Hill

Don't miss these old and pretty cottages on the left as we pass

Nearly there and there's the church tower in the background

Just a quick look at the library before returning to our friends home and the delicious dinner awaiting us. Sorry I can't offer you the dinner too.


Unknown said...

I'm a little out of breath but that brisk walk about was just what I needed today.

Here in central Florida we are battling the intense smoke from wildfires throughout the region. And it is thundering like crazy out there, and windy, but the rain refuses to fall.

We are sooooo dry and need the rain so badly to help with the fires and smoke.

Thanks for the exercise. I think my favorite part was that trek up Leigh Hill.

Betty said...

Barbara, thank you for taking me on the walk with you....the scenery is breath-taking...Thanks to you and others I am able to see England through your eyes and I like what I see....
Even though today is not celebrated in England as Mother's Day, I do wish you a very Happy Mother's Day.....Betty

Karen said...

Just getting caught up on your blog today. I love the photographs. Your garden is so lovely! Looking forward to hearing more of your story. Such a sweet baby, you were!

Betty said...

Thanks for coming by and commenting...Betty

Beach Girl said...

This was a very cool walk;I love coming to visit you! So when the tide comes in, how deep is it?

And even though it's not the British Mother's Day, I wish you a wonderful day!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

A perfect walk to prepare for Lindisfarne.

la bellina mammina said...

Thank you for sharing these. Such a beautiful walk, cottages and I just love that library building.

Anonymous said...

Love this wlk round Leigh brought back so many lovely memories for me, the only thing you missed for me was the railway station - I used to catch the train into Southend.

Nonnie said...

That was lovely. I love to share a walk in pictures. Those cottages towards the end were lovely.

Tina said...

Stuning pictures, Barbara. Make me really feel like having this walk with you. :)