Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Rough Guide to Blogging

I have had quite a number of comments from my dear blogging friends to say that the Comment facility was not on my last post. I have now fixed this. I had saved it as a draft and it looks like when I was changing the date, the comments option must have been changed by mistake. All working now, I hope. I will take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy that you all visit me and the appreciative comments that come my way.
I bought this "Blogging" book recently at my local super market. It is quite interesting and I would think quite helpful for new bloggers. The Rough Guide to Blogging by Jonathan Yang. ISBN Number 1-84353-682-X


smilnsigh said...

I'm sorry you too, were hit with the Comment-thing being turned off. And you not knowing it, of course. More than one other blogger has been having this happen to them. You are not alone.

Not that this helps but... :-)


Moobear said...

Hi Barbara,
I looked for that book at my grocery store yesterday, but of course they did not have it. I am going to keep looking. I am so glad to have met you and I mentioned your blog on my post today. May you have a wonderful and blessed day my new friend!