Wednesday, 9 May 2007


We are going to spend part of the day and then dinner at our friends home in Leigh-on-Sea this coming Saturday. As I have said before, I just love this place. There are parts of it that can be very busy and noisy, but I like to seek out the tranquility that can be found there. In anticipation I have posted some photographs that I took on a previous visit. These were taken in September and all on the same day. The skies in the Thames Estuary are constantly changing depending on the weather patterns and the time of day. I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of God's creation. I have many more to post but will just do a few at a time.

I love these photographs so much that I have a number of them framed and hanging on the wall in my sitting room.


Susan said...

Beautiful. We love seeing sailboats. They always look so peaceful and tranquil.

Lorrie said...

A lovely, peaceful sight. My husband is in the process of purchasing a sailboat with friends and loves being out on the water. I do, too, but I like warm, still days which aren't the best for sailing.

Maalie said...

Wow! What lovely shots! Really evocative - takes me back to my childhood holidays on Canvey Island and we used to visit Southend for the carnival, the Kursall and of course the lights on the pier. Do they still have the little trains running out to the end of the pier? And the replica of the Golden Hind?

lorenzothellama said...

I read your comments on Maalie's blog and had to have a look at your site.
It's true that the pictures bring back a lot of very happy memories. We had our holidays in Canvey until the great flood when my Grandmother's little bungalow, just off the front, nearly got washed away. We still have relations living in Southend and I send and receive Christmas cards each year.
My father kept a boat on Mersey Island and when he needed new sails he used to take me to a sail maker in Leigh.
Like Maalie I remember the lights, the pier and the Kursall, but best of all I loved Peter Pan's gardens. Little children were so easy to please in those days.

lorenzothellama said...

So nice to see you on my blogsite. Actually, Maalie and I were born in Cardiff and then when we were very little, moved to Clacton and then to Colchester. I came to Poynton, Cheshire nearly thirty years ago. I've also lived near Swansea, and my mother lived on Gower, Swansea for about 28 years. It was always such a lovely place to take the children for their holidays. Miss the place and her so much.