Wednesday, 16 May 2007

It Turned out Differently

Look what is coming into life in the garden today. My plan had been to spend the day working in the garden as it is the first dry day for some days. My garden chores are well behind but what do I expect with all this blogging! As the title would suggest, the day turned out differently.

Alliums in bloom

French Lavender

Dogwoods growing well

Some of the herbs waiting to be eaten

Alan was thinking about putting our bags, from our recent trip to our daughters, back in the loft. He asked if I thought it a good idea to empty our loft of all our cases and holdalls before putting them back. "Why not", I said, knowing that this was a job that we had been going to do for years. (Oops! I have just spilt a mug of tea across my desk and all over the floor - why does it go so far? - I now have to wash and polish the floor as it is laminate!)

He emptied out 33 cases and bags, I kid you not. How did this happen? Well, Alan did still have the cabin trunk he used when he was in the Merchant Navy before we were married! Added to that, with all the travelling that we have done in the past, we always seemed to need different kinds of bags for different kinds of travel. So many things to take into account. Airplanes, other people's cars, other people's homes, train journeys, size and weight, time of year, which country? To hang or not to hang? Posh hotel or a caravan. Also there were times when we bought new bags having forgotten just what we had in the loft. Then there were the impulse buys and not forgetting the extra bags bought to bring extra goodies home from the States.

Well, no more. Alan is at this moment delivering most of them to the council tip. Some are distined for the charity shop. One very good and almost new American Tourister, along with a brand new case that was a replacement from British Airways for one that they damaged, will be making their way to E-Bay as soon as I have the time. I think 9 have gone back into the loft for our use. I'm sure that my children will be glad when the time comes for them to clear the house when we are gone. Looking at the entrace to our loft you can see why we do not go up there too often.


smilnsigh said...

Oh my, I can surely see why you don't go up to your loft often!

And yes, it does a good turn to our children, when we clear out lots of 'stuff' of ours. And I think it does good, for ourselves, to clear out 'stuff.' A lightening, in a way. :-)


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh, your aliums! Beauteous!

Lorrie said...

Beautiful flowers. The story of you cleaning out your attic and discovering all those bags makes me think of how much stuff I lug around in life - stuff I don't need that holds me back. I think of "throwing aside every sin and the weight that so easily entangles us."

Bendtherulz said...

Greetings from India ~
Thanks for your visit to my blog.
Loved your profile pic of Garden ( it looks so serene)

I loved pics of alium and lavender.