Saturday, 17 March 2007

When a Thing is Blue it's Blue

This poem was written by a friend of mine, Brian Coatney who lives in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Brian writes from his heart and experience.

And when a thing is blue it's blue-
Picasso blue. Thinking there is something you
can do may only make things worse.
So why fight back, obsess-rehearse
the details of a plan you think
would extricate you from the brink
of mental hell or soon collapse?
What if you draw back to rest?-
not fight or defend when pressed,
but sit and wait, not lunge to try.
Let the angry impulse die
without a word or deed, and wait
until the words of Spirit state
a view you hadn't seen perhaps.
The dire and aweful feelings, not
in guilt resisted, save a lot
of useless torment. Take the pain,
and wait to see; do not disdain
in you the working of Christ's death.
Soon enough, His holy breath
will rescue you from evil traps.
The very second He decrees,
you'll find release-one that frees
you from concern. Out will go
the pride attached to any blow
you've taken. Inside, though you die,
you'll see the eagle's freedom fly
and not a single promise lapse.

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I can't put my thoughts into for now I'll say thank you! Nel xo