Wednesday, 7 March 2007

To Prune the shrubs or springclean?

In the midst of trying to make some headway with the beginning of my spring-cleaning (it takes me ages as I go through all cupboards and drawers at the same time in order to de-clutter) I have instead this week been working in my garden. We have had weeks of torrential rain and it has not been possible to really get stuck into the pruning.

The above picture shows some of my shrubs during the Summer and this is what I am again looking forward to. I am a strong believer in hard pruning at this time of year, except for the flowering shrubs that are pruned immediately after flowering.

So I am afraid the spring cleaning has been put on hold for the next rainy day which is forecast for the day after tomorrow. After all the rain our garden has been under water. This always amazes me as we live on a hill. Where we have been trampling on the wet ground while working part of the lawn is at present a sea of mud. Looks horrible but as Alan keeps saying, "It will come back" and yes it does recover. So at present my choice seems to be "dust" or "mud".

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Tea said...

What a beautiful garden you have! I can`t remember how I found you but I`m glad I did :) Our house is such a mess at the moment that I haven`t even begun to think about spring cleaning.