Sunday, 18 March 2007

Springtime and My Own Daffodills

This part of the garden has been under water for some months so some of the bulbs have rotted but it is nice to see the ones that have survived. Our soil is pure clay so it is not easy to turn it over after such prolonged wet.
Musn't forget the hyacinths that are not all fully out yet.

And the woodland anenome around the pond
Another pretty sight at this time of year. The new leaves and flowers of the Photina (Red Robin)

In connecting with bloggers from around the world it makes one so aware of how different this time of year is for us all. Here we are in the Northern Hemisphere looking forward to Spring and Summer and our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are putting everything to bed for the Winter. Hard to imagine from each of our different perspectives.

Then there are those in the USA so much further south than us here in the UK who are envying our Spring as they are still steeped in icy cold weather and snow, like Isobel in Pennsylvania. We are so fortunate here in the UK to be surrounded by The Gulf Stream. That is what keeps us warm. We are on the same latitude as Northern Canada so without the stream we would be freezing cold. There are some scaremongers who are predicting the stream moving south as ice flows melt in the Artcic. So for all the complaints one hears about our weather we are fortunate that we never get the extremes. Our weather is so changeable because we are a very small land mass so the weather never gets chance to stabilize and we are open to the winds from the Arctic or the winds from Africa.

Before saying goodbye, thank you Annabelle for the poem. It is one of my favourites. Enjoy your Spring or Autumn wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

loving going into autum, though not looking forward to winter:-( Normally I don't mind but I'm just not in mood for greys, love the bright colours of spring you have shared here...thank you!

Betty Cooker said...

Barbara your garden looks so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your photos.

Anonymous said...

Take a look in my blog today.....we are still far from spring.

Jeanne said...

Your Garden is absolutely gorgeous lovely lady.
Blessings and love and smiles across the miles.
Love Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Barbara, what a lovely garden. I love the changing seasons - how nice that we are heading into Autumn and you are seeing the signs of Spring. What a beautiful world we live in. Renee x

Lee said...

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for visiting my blog! Your garden is really lovely, i will continue to check in and see what is happening.

Thank you again, Lee xx