Monday, 12 March 2007

A Trip around Two-Tree Island

Yesterday, Sunday was a most glorious and sunny March day. On the spare of the moment we decided to visit our favourite local walking spot - Two Tree Island in the Thames Estuary just off Leigh-on-Sea. Our friends who live at the top of the cliff were away for the weekend so having a key, we again took advantage of their kind offer of their home.

We arrive at Leigh and admire the daffodills

Now it is time to come with me on a walk around the island. I hope you enjoy it. It was warm and sunny with only a slight breeze.

The bridge onto the island

Over the bridge and looking back

Looking back to our friends home at the top of the cliff

We are well into our walk now and looking out over the Thames and the tide is out. See the lone daffodills in the foreground. In these marshes one can hear the Godwits calling.

The ducks and Moorhens love this bit and I love the isolation

We are looking back now as we get ready to walk the other half of the island. This previous bit is very much a nature reserve and the next part of the walk is a wildfowl sanctuary.

Sense the quietness and emptyness. The tide is still out but the seagulls are awaiting it's return so they can feast on the tiny fish that come in with the tide.

Looking out towards Benfleet Creek from the Hide. Trust me there are many birds wading around and chirping away.

Looking out towards the ruins of Hadleigh Castle

A way of the island on foot providing the tide is out

We have finished our walk now. Could have shown you many more pictures but this was just a taste. We walked again on the mainland at the end of the day and snapped some beautiful skies.

Don't we have an awesome Creator. These 3 photographs were taken in the same place all within 30 minutes.


Boxwood Cottage said...

I sure enjoyed this walk with you Barbara, this blue sky is doing such good for the soul doesn't it? Stunning pictures especially the last 3!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lovely post. I feel like i've been on a little trip with you. Yes what a magnificent creation! Renee x

Isobel said...

I loved the trip around the island, what a beautiful day you had, and those smiling daffodils. I enjoy the walks that I have been on with Janie and Oliver, it's nice to share one with you.
You asked about socks, they are mad for them over here, there are countless sock clubs (I belong to 6). It's all about the hand spun, hand painted yarns, mostly run by women who use their yarn obsession as a business. I love to knit socks because they don't take very long, I knit loads of other things, but my favorite quick gift to give is a pair of knitted socks in a wonderfully hand dyed colourway. I can knit them up, block them and in the post in about 4 days. Since most people don't have hand knitted socks they usually are received with such enthusiasm. Where are we going next weekend?

Anonymous said...

Oh how much I needed this walk...I could sit down in any one of those photos and just take time out with my awesome Creator. Nel xo

Anonymous said...

Where in Britain is this?
My favorite British island is Lindisfarne :-)