Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lavenham Part 5

As we continue our walk around Lavenham we are gradually returning towards the centre of the village

Shilling Grange which belonged to John Schylling, whose will is dated 1476 

de Vere House dating from 1425 holds a lot of history but is now turned into holiday apartments
The family are reputed to be descended from the days of Caesar, but certainly from Alfonus de Veer of New Zealand, who married Countess Katherine of Flanders, daughter of Arnold II. Their son Aubrey de Vere, came to England and held land under Edward the Confessor. He took sides with William the Conqueror in 1066, and following the Norman conquest, the two Lavenham manors of Overhall and Netherhall were given to him and he married Beatrix, the Conquerer's sister.
There has been much controversy over who actually wrote Shakespeare. Thought possibly that Edward de Vere 1550 was the writer?
There is much more but I am sure that is enough 

The Priory

The sign says "The Gardener's House"

We will finish our walking here but there is still a lot to post on this beautiful village


Anonymous said...

It has an interesting history, but on a much simpler level, I love the colours!

Terri said...

We are absolutely amazed at the age, and that the houses are still being used! 1420s was before Christopher Columbus was born! You Brits sure know how to conserve. Something we need to learn here. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and your country.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I think my first comment got lost, so I'll try again -

So delightful. I would be in complete wonderment walking down these lanes with all the houses leaning this way and that, as if they are about to leave their foundations and do a dignified medieval dance...

The brickwork on Aubrey de Vere's home is impressive.

There is one house, with the red car in front...the upper left window is quite amazing...obviously it took some real talent to fit it like that!

Vee said...

Today, I am noticing the rich salmon colors of some houses. Very pretty... And do you have an opinion on the Shakespeare question?

talesfromagarden said...

What a magnificent and picturesque place,what colours!Very french looking houses with the timber,like you would find in Morlaix.Great conservation going on here!

Trisha said...

Hey Barbara, Hope you all are well. Wow! Can't even imagine buildings from the 1400's still standing and so beautiful. Have a Blessed day! Trisha.

Elizabeth said...

I want to move into the house in the first photo with the lovely long window.
Aren't we lucky retired people to be able to wander around taking pictures of things!

Jay said...

I've heard that Lavenham is very beautiful but have never visited; I didn't realise all the history attached to the buildings though. Thank you for the tour.