Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Little Bit of Life

Just a bit of life before continuing with Lavenham photos
Have not spent as much time as I like too visiting blogs and writing posts as life has been extremely busy
Let's have a look at the late Summer garden first
not so much colour now

My whimsy corner almost finished but not quite

Now you see him (the Grasshopper)

But now you don't (almost) as he blends in with the grass

Had Oliver stay for most of the week early August

and here he is preparing to land at London City Airport with Grandad's flight simulator

and here Grandma is keeping him busy

after which he asked if he could clean the garden furniture

A beautiful day teaching him to swim in the North Sea

Bekah came to stay for the last day

late August both Grands came to stay again while Mummy made a flying business visit to the States
She did not want to take her Mini Mouse dress off

Great opportunity for Grandma to go scooting in the park before she had to give the scooter back

As it was school holidays Oliver and Bekah had a great time playing with grandchildren from next door
As we have steps between us our two gardens became an extended play ground for the day before taking them to the park

The week in between the Grands staying I attended brilliant studies in Ancient Hebrew at a Summer School we hold in Pilgrims Hall led by the team from Torah International
Certainly not a new subject for me but really good to understand the vocabulary of the original Hebrew

We took a journey within the Scriptures looking into the finished work of the Jesus. He is No Separation and we are designed by our Creator to walk in Heaven on earth in No Separation (unity).
Totally immersed in Him and He in us. 

We looked at new scientific information about the human brain and how it functions according the the design of the Creator in order for us to walk in the above.

Neuro Science is now able to watch the human brain in real time action. Their descriptions of what they can now see are an incredible match to what the Hebrew Scriptures tell us about humanity created to walk Heaven and Earth in No Separation.

One of the things I have been doing this week is trying to catch up in the garden. Having had the wettest Spring and Summer for over a 100 years and then a hot spell my garden was so overgrown that Alan could not find me (until he called my name) when I was out there pruning in the thick of it!
Also got a little 'deep cleaning' done - something I have had to forget about this year.
Taking a break tomorrow to visit Lullingstone Castle and World Garden and yes, I will take my camera.

The coming weeks hold some interesting and exciting happenings but will leave those for a later post. It will be back to Lavenham for the next few.


Vee said...

No wonder you've not been around to visit or post. You've been busy. I really think you need to invest in a scooter. Think of all the time it will save. =D That was a cute picture. I'm glad that you included it.

The grands are growing like weeds. They look happy and healthy and like very good helpers, especially with Oliver washing the lawn furniture. It's fun to get good and wet.

Lorrie said...

You have been busy, Barbara. What fun to have your grandchildren stay for a few days. They do a lot to add zest to life, don't they? Good for you for going on the scooter!

Trisha said...

Barbara, your garden is so beautiful. So glad you have gotten to spend time with your grandchildren. You are so energetic, don't know how you
stay so young. Blessings, Trisha

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Busy busy summer days you've had. Your garden looks much the same as ours as far as touches of Autumn showing up now. I have very few roses blooming now. Glad you are getting a little break. I so enjoy your pictures and hearing about your travels.

Needled Mom said...

One can certainly see the color changes in the garden. It is turning much more "fallish" in every plant.

You are a brave soul to try out that scooter!!!! The children have grown up so quickly. I can see that you had fun keeping Oliver busy - useful busy too!!!!

Elizabethd said...

Wow, Grandma! Scooting and swimming too!
Your roses are looking lovely. Mine are nearing their end, except for Graham Thomas who is flowering merrily.

Cheri said...

Great post Barbara! Your garden is truly beautiful as are your grandchildren. God is good, Cheri

Scriptor Senex said...

Your garden always looks so neat and tidy (as well as attractive, of course).

I'm not suroprised Bekah didn't want to take that beautiful dress off. Can I borrow Oliver for a day please - my windows could do with a wash....

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You've been very busy...the Hebrew studies sound intriguing. The garden is looking good, and one can see that the grandchildren enjoy being at your house.

Terri said...

What I want to know is where did you get such a considerate grandson, who volunteers to do chores? I would like one like that!