Thursday, 10 January 2008

My IMMEDIATE Neighbourhood

I like to walk as often as I can and as I wanted a fairly quick walk yesterday I decided to take you with me around my immediate neighbourhood.
I invite you to show me around your immediate neighbourhood if you have the time.
It is fun to see where others live.
Yesterday it was cold and the weather was very changeable as you will see from the photos.
My hands got so cold when I took my gloves off that it was not easy to use my camera

We are turning right out of my front door here

Then left at the top of the road
My area is a mixture of bungalows and houses
Detached, semi-detached and terraced

We walk about 50 yards and turn right into the park

The buildings that we see on the horizon behind the tall block of flats
are part of Canary Wharf in East London
We are looking here a little to the left and can see
the rolling countryside of Kent on the other side of The Thames

On the horizon is Hainault Forest and the golf course
The park is deserted, schools back and folk are at work

We are leaving by a different gate

A vandalised telephone box blights the scene

Across the road and down the hill

As we continue down the hill you can see the town on the horizon

And the gasometers - not pretty but necessary

We have turned round now and are nearly home

We will turn right at the top of this hill
the sky is brighter than on the way down

And we are back home
Time for coffee


Kim S in SC said...

I loved walking in your neighborhood with you! Thank you! I will try and do this sometime soon!

Paula said...

What a beautiful neighborhood. Kind of how I pictured it. Nice to have a park nearby. I see that the vandals are in England as well. I noticed the roundabout intersection. I think the English are smarter than the Americans, because every time I go through a roundabout near where I live (which is not very often, because we don't have many) people don't know what to do and almost crash into each other.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Well, that was a nice bit of ambling from Ramblings! Thank you for taking us on a walk with you. How great that you have a park nearby, and those East London docks look pretty close too. In the 4th shot, I noticed some straight, stick like objects pointing up into the sky - is that the Centennial Dome, or whatever it is called?

We have a roundabout in my city, it's called the Pacific Coast Highway traffic circle. It's very large with a parklike area in the center (no one dares go there, of course, across all those lanes of swiftly moving cars trying not to run into each other!

I like your idea of a walk through the neighborhood. My neighborhood does not have such lovely thinks to look at, but perhaps I can come up with something!

Anonymous said...

Barbara, thank you for sharing that lovely poem you wrote when your beloved Sandy died. I love the first two lines of the second stanza. On another note, my neighborhood is quite mundane compared with yours. Thank you for the tour.

a woman who is said...

That was a lovely jaunt around the neighborhood. I am surprised to see such great stretches of countryside, with the city encroaching in the back ground. We have a lot of urban sprawl around here.

Thanks for the tour!

Betty said...

Thanks for the tour of your neighborhood....Names of places I read about in books....Thames, Kent, etc......

My neighborhood is mostly green pasture with healthy cattle grazing.....trees.....Betty

Willow said...

I enjoyed our walk. You are quite close to the countryside there in northeast London. Can I come live in your neighborhood? In Los Angeles, we had so so much graffiti-it was everywhere--so I am thankful to be living in a smaller town now.
About how far is the walk?

katie said...

loved this. a walk round your world. Thank you! my camera is sadly b-r-o-k-e-n but when it is restored, I will do this for my readers too.
enjoy the coffee. have a bit of cake too! x

Jeanne said...

I love your neighborhood walk tour.
Take me again someday.
I love it..........

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and I really like it, I will come back soon!
Thank you for the walk round your neighborhood, I like England and english gardening so much!
My own blog is in Swedish so I am afraid you can not read it...
/Caroline from Sweden

Candytuft Corner said...

Thanks for the walk Barbara ~ I feel great after all that exercise! I've been trying to increase my walks after Christmas, when I got rather lazy and hibernated and I noticed yesterday that I feel like I have a lot more energy ~ we all know that exercise is good for us, but sometimes it takes such an effort!

I have done a couple of walks in my neighbourhood over at my blog ~ if you haven't seen them, take a look.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2008.

Marie x

Amongst The Oaks said...

Hi Barbara,
I like to walk too, but haven't in over a week. Shame on me. What a nice idea to take us with you. I did that once, but you've inspired me to do it again. Thanks for sharing,
Laura from Amongst The Oaks

Susan said...

Enjoyed my walk with you and seeing your area.

someone else said...

What a nice walk that was. I'm ready for the coffee now.

Barbara said...

Thank you for this lovely tour, Barbara. I didn't know that you live so close to can even see a part of the town.
Have a nice weekend!