Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Catching Up

I am feeling frustrated - everything I have tried to do with blogger today has not worked
A real waste of time
Even everything that was saved kept getting lost
January Bleakness

I was out walking, wrapped up against a biting north easterly wind, from Siberia apparently, when I came to our nearest wooded area. This winter bleakness has it's own beauty but come Spring it will look so fresh and new. If we get snow it will have an altogether different beauty of course.

January for us is quite a quiet time and I like it that way.

Apart from regular committments I do not make any arrangements. If something comes up then that is fine but I don't go looking for it.

I like to do a little catching up and de-cluttering ready for spring cleaning.

I have this week been sorting lots of papers, the kind that just get put aside for some future date. The benefit of leaving this chore so long is that most can get thrown away as they are no longer relevant.

I have also been updating address lists on Excell and cleaning months worth of rubber stamps from card making.

I have also begun trying to replenish my much diminished stock of cards. I don't have to tell you why I have not been keeping my stocks up.

Printing and transferring photos to C.D.'s in another behind job, not to mention writing.You know the sort of thing, too many to mention really.

Concerning blogging,I forgot to mention that before Christmas I telephoned Marion in Wales.It was such fun to have yet another chat with a dear friend made in cyberspace.

Also I was approached last week and asked if I would be willing to have one of my photos published in a book. As it would be credited to me I agreed.The book is all about safe places to swim in England in fresh water. My photo of Ulting Church on the banks of the Chelmer Navigation Canal is going to be used.I will post on it when I receive a free copy in the Summer. Blogging is certainly interesting.

Where I am sitting right now

And the other side of this little work room of mine where I make my cards
These are a few that I have managed since Christmas


someone else said...

I can understand why someone would want to use your photos. They're truly wonderful.

Unknown said...

Your lovely Photographs are one the things that attracted me to your blog.WTG on getting one published.I to have been having blogger problems so I feel your pain.Your cards are very nice.Best wishes. Lisa

Kim S in SC said...

Even in the bleary winter, your area looks beautiful! Enjoy your quiet time!

TO BECOME said...

Hello, my friend, I have missed coming by to visit. I wanted to say thank you so much for praying for me and my family in the loss of our sister and also to wish you a Happy New Year. I have even been able to do that.

I love the cards they are beautiful. I hope this will be one of your happiest years yet. Looking forward to coming to visit more now. thanks again, connie from Texas

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I like your little area! And shall I kick blogger in the shins for you?

Willow said...

Hurray for having a photo published! That's exciting.

I gave you a You Make My Day award on my blog today.

Paula said...

It's neat to see your desk and computer where all the blogs and comments originate. The cards you made are fabulous. The little baby ones are adorable. My husband had always told me that I should sell my handmade cards. He just never understood that it would never be cost effective. I mean with the time and materials I'd have put into one card, I would have had to sell it for at least $5. I recently (last 2 summers) have started drying wildflowers and then laminating them on cards. I will usually give a set of different ones to friends as a gift. Its fun and a bit easier than the rubber stamping. Well, I've gone on long enough....

Betty said...

Finally the house is clear of Christmas the middle of putting the boxes away a few days ago, we had to go to Atlanta for a few days...

I was over at Connie's blog and read the poem you left about was beautiful and so true...I want to save it.....

Your cards are beautiful...I know first hand.....and I really liked your lodgings in the previous post.

Congratulations on being published.....your pictures are great....Betty

Susan said...

How exciting about one of your photos being published. Congratulations!!

Vee said...

It was very enjoyable to catch another glimpse into your world. I am sorry that Blogger was giving you fits, however. Some days are like that!

Another stamper in the kingdom, eh? Your work station looks very accomodating for the task. Mine's in the basement...not nearly so pleasant. ;)

Congrats on having your photo selected for a book. That's very exciting! Yes, the blogging world does add some pizazz to our days. And I am not one bit surprised that your photos have caught someone's attention in the publishing world. You have a wonderful eye!

Take care, Barbara. Catch you again soon!

~~Deby said...

I love seeing where you post from...I have thought about figuring out how to do a Mr. Linky and having everyone post their posting area...what do you think?
and your cards are great...'my sister, Lisa...Blessed ALatte' on my blogroll just made a Design are one busy lady....and a blessing.
a BIG congrats for being published soon

Anonymous said...

Oh Barbara, I quite understand about the papers to go through and how convenient to do it at a later date when it's all outdated anyway!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Wow, you certainly have been busy. But isn't it a good feeling to get organized and cleaned out a bit!

I could use a little workroom like yours; but no room in my house! Oh, and I love Daughter of the King's idea about a linky to show where we all post from - how fun! I hope she does that (or maybe she already did, I'll check).

Enjoy your newly organized spaces!

Linda said...

I had one of my photos used in a book once. It was so exciting. It never led to anything else but it was fun while it lasted.