Sunday, 13 January 2008

Awards, Awards, Awards

In the last week I have received 4 awards

It feels like boasting to say this but I am in fact very honoured and humbled

It makes the time spent at this desk so worthwhile to know that my posts are appreciated.

If I took the rules literally I would be passing on almost 40 awards

This felt daunting so instead I chose to post on 3 for each award category

I get great pleasure from visiting and reading all the names on my sidebar and many more and it is always hard to come down to just a few

I have given it a lot of thought but if your name is not here it does not mean that I do not appreciate and value you and your blog, I do, very much so

This "Blogging with a Purpose" award came to me from Mob

I pass it on to Susan of Adventurous Living. Susan is a writer and speaker and uses her blog to share her faith

I pass it on to Barbara of The Book Blog. Barbara is an Editor and writer and uses her blog to share on home decorating and art

I pass it on to Stephen of Inspired. Stephen has been through some very difficult life circumstances and uses his blog to share his faith and show the pride that he has in his
2 little Boyz.

I received this "Amazing Blogger" award from Isobel of the Cosy Corner
I pass it on to Vanessa of Yahweh's Retreat. Vanessa is a widowed Mother of 3 boys and while going through some very difficult life circumstances manages to work, take care of her boys and still blog where she is very much keen to share her faith
I pass it on to Paula of The Baby Journals. Paula has adopted a beautiful baby girl and uses her blog to chart Hannah's progress. She also offers advice on the adoption system
I pass it on to Maddy of Maddy's Glasshouse. Maddy blogs on a variety of subjects while keeping us in touch with the progress of her autistic son. She also found time to help me with my family tree.

I received this "You make my Day" award from two blogging friends

Willow of Willow's Cottage and

Sara at Much To Do About Something

Before I recieved this from Sara I had already chosen her blog for this same award as a result of my receiving it from Willow so I saw no reason not to send it back to her

I pass this award on to Sara (as above) of Much To Do About Something. Sara makes my day with her lovely photographs, interesting words and knowledge and her sharing of her faith

I pass this award on to Linds of Rocking Chair Reflections. Linds makes my day with her amusing writing on everyday life. She has kept a great sense of humour throught some very difficult and dark days in her life

I pass this award on to Marion of Reflections Through the Seasons. Marion makes my day with her beautiful photos on Wales where she lives and her lovely garden. She has continued to do this even through some difficult health issues

So thank you one and all and blessings to all who visit this blog


Anonymous said...

Well that's just lovely, thank you very much.

Paula said...

Thanks so much Barbara. It is an honor to receive this award from you (am i sounding like i'm accepting as oscar?) you know what I mean. One note: we adopted hannah from U.S. :)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Thank you, Barbara!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Congrats to you dear! I am very happy for you and really believe you deserve it!

Linds said...

What a lovely award, Barbara and thank you very much! You are a star. Very well deserved blessings from your readers!

inspired said...

Thank you very much Barbara for your kindness and encouragement :]

Susan Skitt said...

What wonderful awards Barbara! I must say you deserve every one of them!

Thank you so much for honoring me with the Blogging with a Purpose Award. I love to share what Jesus Christ has done in my life and what He can do for others as well :) God's so good!

Love you much,

Jeanne said...

How beautiful and lovely are all of these awards.
Way to go.
Keep up the great work.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Unknown said...

Congratulations on all your awards for your lovely Blog.Have a wonderful day.(((Barbara))) <--Hugs

Candytuft Corner said...

Many congratulations Barbara

Marie x

someone else said...

Congratulations on your lovely awards!

Rhondi said...

Hi Barbara This is my first visit to your blog. I found you through a comment on Mary's blog. I had to laugh when you said if you followed the rules you'd be passing on 40 awards! England is our favorite country to visit. I am glad I found you! Rhondi

Linda said...

Congratualtions on all of your awards. You must be doing something right.

Mike said...

Congratulations! Thanks for those links, I'll be checking them out.

Aqeela said...

Wow, you must make alot of people happy with your blogging Barbara, so many awards in so little time! i must say that your blog really has become one of my favorites. You recently left me a comment asking about my faith, well ive never really mentioned it on my blog before as i didnt want people to pre judge me or attach me to stereotypes but im actually muslim. I was raised as an athiest and only accepted Islam about 3.5 yrs ago, but i couldnt live any other way now that i know that God is there, for us to trust and worship. Id like to bring it up on my blog sometime, but i must say im a little nervous of peoples reactions. Id hate anyone to forget why they enjoy reading my blog and now just assume i am someone different and switch off - i am normal much to the suprise of most!! Alright, i may look a little different (a white muslim is a little unusual!) but i still have hobbies and passions and a life! Who knows, maybe i can help to distroy some stereotypes and have my blogging be a benefit to others, help open peoples eyes. We'l see, perhaps il add my conversion story to my page.
Take care anyway Barbara,
Lindsay (or Aqeela as i am now known!) x

As We Sail... said...

Congrats on all your awards, you deserve them! I also liked the tour through your neighborhood.

I've tagged you on my post.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your wonderful awards.

Your photos of the seasons are beautiful by the way.

Have a great week.

Vee said...

Dear Barbara, you are very deserving of these awards. I know that bloggers take them seriously and do not bestow them trivially.

TO BECOME said...

Barbara, you are so deserving of every award you are given. I am so happy for you. I will enjoy visiting those you have given, well at least the ones I am not familiar with. I have already had the pleasure of meeting some of them. Have a very good day. connie from Texas

Aqeela said...

Barbara i know you have just recieved plenty of awards but im a little excited at recieveing my 1st one recently that i just had to send the "You make my day award" your way too. I really do look forward to reading your posts and check your page almost every day!
Ive mentioned you on my most recent blog so you may get a few new people coming your way.
Take care,

Lindsay xx

Susan said...

You deserve them all, Barbara.