Sunday, 16 December 2007

It's Christmas

Today we put up our lights and decorated the tree
so it is beginning to feel like Christmas
When my children lived at home I used to put up lots of decorations
even had two trees
but for the last few years all I have done is string up lights in the front sitting room
and put a tree in the back sitting room
Obviously I decorate the Christmas table but even that has been simplified
Apart from candles and a centrepiece
I like to scatter gold wrapped chocolate coins on to a Christmas themed table cloth
They add a quick and easy decoration and then of course they can be eaten

A Christmas tea cosy

The cards are now finished but this was the start
I made 70 and topped up with some bought ones

Carol singing Penguin and Father Christmas with his sack of toys
All knitting done by yours truly some years ago

I was experimenting with different settings on the camera

Early morning frost outside gives a contrast


Paula said...

I can't believe you made 70 hand stamped cards. That is a lot of work. I used to do a lot of rubber stamping, I have quite a collection. It is a lot of fun. The tea cozy and knitted characters under the tree are really cute. You are a very crafty person! The tree looks fantastic.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a lot of cards to make! My what a busy girl you were. your house looks very festive!

someone else said...

You are more ambitious and energetic than I am! Your tree is beautiful.

Kylee Baumle said...

Barbara, what gorgeous Christmas scenes! And those cards - wow. Really pretty. I love the frost pictures, too! I really loved seeing all this. Thanks!!

Vee said...

Everything is looking so beautiful from the tree to the cards to the winter garden. I'm finding your experiments with the camera settings did you achieve the golden/glowing look?

Anonymous said...

Your garden made me think of Narnia! How gorgeous it is!

Texas Mom

Linda said...

Love the frost in your garden. I'm not sending out cards this years as I left my address book at our other place. Kind of nice not to have to do it being a Scrooge and all.

a woman who is said...

I love your winter garden. As you English put it, you have lovely bones! Great structure in your garden that supports its beauty even in winter. Thanks for sharing.
Loved seeing how you decorate.

Betty said...

Your home is lovely as I knew it would be....the tree looks perfect..and your garden beautiful in the well as other seasons of the year.....

As to coming to England, that would involve flying and that's another story......

Hope you are having a wonderful day so far.....Betty

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Barbara. Your home looks very inviting and festive. Candles are always so lovely; I do enjoy candle light! I see a bit of whimsy on your tree with that US Mailbox!

Your garden looks so prettily wintry! Perfect for Christmas of course.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

PS: I meant to say also, your new current photo looks great. Like the necklace too!

~~Deby said...

Loved seeing all the pictures...
wow...that was a lot of work doing all those a former stamper..I know that kind of work...
your home looks so festive

Candytuft Corner said...

Hi Barbara,

I love your little Christmas tea cosy. The welcome lights are gorgeous ~ I have a set, but can no longer buy bulbs for them here, which is a shame. As they are Swedish, I tried Ikea last year, only to be told that they no longer stock them.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations.

Marie x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for my lovely card. I like receiving home-made ones - makes them feel more personal.
The decorations look very pretty. I remember the baubles you hung on your curtains the year we stayed with you. I copied your idea for a while but somehow can't make the effort these days - must be getting old!!

Britt-Arnhild said...

You made 70 cards???? Wow!

Your home loks so festive. Have a blessed season.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Your decorations look lovely. We don't put up much anymore, but I'm doing a bit more this year as our daughter is coming home for the holidays (she lives on the west coast of Canada about 3000 miles from us).
You certainly outdid yourself in making all those cards.
Enjoy the holiday season.

Unknown said...

Your cards are so nice and the decorations are beautiful.I would love to be your neighbor :)

Merisi said...

Such beautiful images, full of Christmas cheer and joy! I admire your perseverance, 70 cards stamped, quite a feat!
I did the tree-trimming the Austrian way, well almost: I started on the Evening of the 23rd and finished the afternoon of the 24th. I put most of our glass ornaments up now, leave other decorations in the box. It's always a joy to meet to see the tree up again, like seeing an old friend.
May our Christmas be a blessed one, full of joy and family!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog via a family history letter from Greenshouse Farm, I have a connection to this farm also and this lead me to you. I am very much enjoying reading about you and your 'travel's'. You have a lot of inspirational information here. I am helped very much today by the fact that sometimes God's lesson is sometimes for the people we encounter/meet in life.
Thank you for sharing your times and events with us.