Monday, 3 December 2007

Today and all it's Diversity

I’ve been posting so much on the Cotswolds recently and also posting on my story that it felt like time to fit in a ‘today’ post.

I see so many beginning to post on Christmas so I decided today that I really should get on with the making of my Christmas cards. Alan also went up into the loft to bring down the decorations although it will be some weeks before I shall be putting any of them up.

I have just had my broadband connection upgraded to 4 mgs instead of 2 and I am finding it so much quicker for uploading photographs from my computer. Obviously it makes downloading from the net quicker too but that does depend also on how busy the server is as you know.

I want to recognise
Maddy all the way down there in Australia. She has been helping me with my family tree. A brother-in-law did a great family research on Alan’s family some years ago and presented my daughter with a copy when she was married 8 years ago. The idea was that I would continue by adding my side of the family. After quite some time I began getting things together and was greatly helped by a cousin who had already put together quite a bit of my Father’s family. However, I became very frustrated when trying to get anywhere with my Mother’s family. I just could not come up with anything for my maternal Grandfather so I decided to give up and just put together what I already had. Having commented to this effect on Maddy’s blog she so kindly said she would help if I gave her some information to work on.

From my Grandparents marriage certificate Maddy was able to trace back to the early 1800’s. I am so excited to be able to fill in some of the gaps. So thank you so much Maddy – you are an angel. One of the main problems of course in trying to trace a family tree at my age is that there is no-one left alive who can answer questions. I do have some very interesting information on other branches of the tree which I may share in a future posting.

So while Maddy has been researching I have been sleeping and while she has been sleeping I have been going through the family tree. While I have been out walking bracing myself against the very cold wind, Maddy has been trying to stay cool in their very hot weather. Isn’t it amazing to be connecting these two extremes on our blogs.

The weekend has been fun. We went to a 60th birthday party on Saturday and dinner with a group of friends on Sunday and friends over to us for dinner on Tuesday. Thursday we will be spending at Janie’s house with dear little Oliver so that’s another week gone by.

Before signing off I would just like to thank everyone who has been commenting and encouraging me to continue writing my story. Without you I may have given up a long time ago. I have always wanted to put my story into print but it is proving harder than I imagined.I don't find it easy making myself just take the time to sit down and write it. I am still only up to the mid-sixties so there is still a long way to go with many more twists and turns (to quote one of my comments). My whole aim is to be able to encourage others who may be struggling and going through similar trials and to show how God can transform a life. So hang in there, it’s a worth while read.

A few photos from this weekend to finish.

Colour from my garden today

The London Skyline from my neighbourhood
silloueted on the horizon

A nice reminder


walklet said...

I would love to hear from you but Yes, I'm new and I don't have my own
blog. I don't want to post my email
publicly, Do I just need to update my blogger profile? I did receive an email from your blog with no reply address but it seemed to be meant for someone else??? Confused :-)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love the rainbow photo! Yes, family tree stuff can be frustrating. i am blessed in that someone else has already done mine on dad's side. Still it is fun to dig out things I never knew and see for myself.

TO BECOME said...

Barbara, I am so glad the work with your family tree is coming along so well. I tried to do this a while back but I couldn't figure out all it took to do it. My sister took it up where I left off. Maybe she will be able to get it accomplished.

I love the rainbow. and all the colors from your garden. Have a great week and enjoy your daughter and her family. connie from Texas

Paula said...

That is very interesting that you are finding out about your family tree (since I am 100% English if there are any "Stocks" in there we could be related!).
I think it is very cool that you are writing your "Story". Little Oliver can read it one day and know you just that much better. I have asked my mother (who is much, much older than you) to do it, I even gave her a journal and I don't think she has written a line.

Willow said...

I am in a similar position in asking family members about family history. Only a couple of people are still living from the older generation and their memories aren't quite up to it anymore.
All the more reason for me to get back on track to researching my ancestors. Soon, I hope.

Linda said...

I have a cousin who is of the Mormon religion which means they really get into geneology. Anyway, she claims that we are related to Pocohantas-the famous Indian princess in the States-was there when the pilgrims landed. I'm not sure if I believe this, but it is fun to think so.

Anonymous said...

Glad to be of help Barbara, but I must confess the Census did all the hard work for me ;)

inspired said...

great rainbow mind :]

Barbara Jacksier said...

I've been so busy lately that I haven't gotten around to letting you know how much I've been enjoying your autobiography and following along on your travels. Somtimes I make a print out and take it up to read in bed. Now that the days are getting cooler here, my bed is a much more pleasant spot to sit and read than at my desk.

Merisi said...

I congratulate you for succeeding to write down your story. It is a very interesting and brave life you have led and for your loved ones it sure must be invaluable to have handed it down.
Somebody mentioned the Mormon Church's geneologic researches. As far as I know, their facilities and records are open to everybody, not only Mormons. I have a friend in Washington DC, who is Roman-Catholic and he has been researching his ancestors from Austria and Hungary at their library at the Mormon Temple in Kensington, Maryland. Truly interesting enterprise.
I have my Christmas decorations ready to go, but so far only the advent wreath is out on the table, the first candle was lighted on Sunday.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Greetings, Barbara. I enjoyed your photos. You have a nice view of London--close but not too close!

I too have done a bit of research about family. The census records are very helpful, and so is the Internet, but it takes a lot of time and searching. Others (very distant cousins) have done research on part of my family, which is helpful. It is interesting to find things out...

Vee said...

Love genealogy, but it sure can be frustrating. How exciting for you to have Maddy helping and getting that family tree all the way back to the early 1800s. It's terribly interesting, I'm certain.

Barbara, dear, I don't want to frighten you, but you don't have "weeks" to decorate, do you? LOL!

Excellent that you'll be able to do your blogging so much more easily now. That is half the battle right there.

Have fun with your daughter and with sweet little Oliver!

Kim S in SC said...

What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to the next chapter of God's work in your life. Thank you!
In Him,

a woman who is said...

Vee, I was wondering about the Christmas decorating too? Maybe this is another cultural thing. In the U.S. we start seeing Christmas stuff in the stores before Halloween. So the day after Thanksgiving, many here shop and put up their Christmas decorations. I am still in the my blog ;>)
So when do you usually put them up Barbara?

Merisi said...

Yesterday I was so taken by your story, I forget that we celebrate Barbara day on December 4th. Do you? It's custom to cut some branches of a cherry tree and put them into a vase with water. They will flower by Christmas. I hope you had a great day!

Susan said...

Enjoyable read. Loved the way you made the contrast with you and Maddy. Neat. I didn't realize you had worked for OR a decade before I did!!! Jacque was born in 1955 and I didn't begin my first job until 1957.

Linds said...

Hi, Barbara... I am still alive, and trying to catch up with all the news around the blogging world! I love readign your story, and it is so much more special now we have met! I may not be commenting as much at the moment, but I still read. And hopefully, this weekend, I will get started on my Christmas decorations and shopping, and baking and making. Sigh. Why can't weekends be longer??