Wednesday, 12 December 2007

December Estuary

Yesterday the weather was cold, crisp and sunny so we decided to drop everything
and drive out to the estuary
I like to visit at all times of the year as estuary skies, light and atmosphere
differ by the season
My plan was to walk, watch the birds and take photographs
I took about 60 but there are just a few here
We took a picnic onto Two Tree Island in the Thames
and after our picnic dropped into the golf driving range
for a mug of hot tea
then returned to the island to continue
After the light had faded and I had my awesome sunset photos
we went into the town of Leigh-on-sea at the top of the cliffs
for afternoon tea
I had an enormous piece of Iced Lemon cake sandwiched together with lemon cream

There were so many wild Rosehips

I loved the isolation and silence
while the shops were bursting at the seems with Christmas shoppers

Where are the birds Did not see too many today but the Brent Geese are here on the edge of the marshes

The oil refinery across the creek on Canvey Island

The sun's reflection was so glaring it made this picture look like it was later than it actually was

The sun is going down in the West but reflecting to the East

Sunlight on water

It's now 3.40 pm and the sun is going down

It's now 4.30 pm, we have had our tea and we see only the lights of Canvey Island


a woman who is said...

I love that you choose the peace of the Estuary over the crowds of the mall!

Paula said...

Lemon cake, YUM-O
We get a lot of wild rose hips where I live. I like to pick them and let them simmer in my tea.
Great pics as always.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful and very touching.........
Love and hugs

Vee said...

Ahhh, that's what I need...a nice walk looking for the birds and a beautiful sunset. Isn't it shocking how short the days are? I can't wait until the scales tip again and we're gaining instead of losing daylight hours.

someone else said...

Oh Barbara, I love all your setting-sun pictures! Isn't it amazing how the sky looks in the East when the sun is actually setting in the West? I love to turn around and look.

Willow said...

Don't you just love those sunny brisk days? They are perfect for walking! We're having one today and The Professor just suggested a walk!

TO BECOME said...

I love the peace rather than the hussel bussel of the malls also. I believe all the birds have come to our town area. There are many thousands of them come down from the north for the winter. It is so beautiful with the sky and the marshes full of birds. Come and connie from Texas

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh so lovely! I LOVE the last picture. So pretty.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Where's the photo of that lemon cake? It sure sounded good.

Your photos are beautiful, as usual. In the one that you captioned the sun seeing in the west but reflecting in the east - I noticed some of those boats in the foreground seem to be resting above the ground after the tide went out - how to they do that?

And that same photo - a couple of them are reflected beautifully in the water.

Linda said...

What a really lovely place. How nice to have a place to go for such serenity.

inspired said...

some beautiful shots :]

Merisi said...

What a wonderful excursion, I would love visiting an estuary by the sea in winter! The Chesapeake Bay is what I probably miss most of my former home.
Your captured the scenes beautifully, feels like taking a deep breath looking at them. Thank you very much. Enjoy the season,
warm regards from sunny, but scrisp Vienna,
(I spent an hour walking the Schönbrunn castle's gardens, the day's so bright I had to.)

Susan Skitt said...

You and your adventures-how nice!

Susan Skitt said...

P.S. I just read how you started blogging... like daughter like mother - (smile) - wonderful!

Mike said...

Lovely photos. I tried to get a sunset myself yesterday but yours are superb! You are lucky to be able to get to such open spaces over there. Thanks for your interesting comment on my blog.
This I Do...

Barbara said...

Lovely pictures of the estuary by the sea which is. looking so peaceful and lonely. And enjoying such a great sunset makes the day perfect (the lemon cake too!!!), I guess.

Sigrun said...

Wonderful photos, Barbara! I wish you a very nice weekend with a teapot of good Earl Grey.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful images, Barbara! I especially love the sun setting shots over the water. The reflections are gorgeous.

paru's_circle said...

hello dear
i found your blog a few weeks ago and started to read the 1st chapter of your book , it was pretty awesome, but i forgot to put your blog on my side bar, glad i found you again.. keep up the excellent wrok! all the best for the holidays, regards..P

paru's_circle said...

malta ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's dark by 4.30 in the evening, even in mid winter the sun is up untill at least 6pm. Beautiful photography Barbara, thank you for sharing.

Merisi said...

Since we were talking about the Chesapeake Bay (I answered your comment on my blog), I thought I give you this link to a story about the little town of Bethlehem in Maryland, on the Eastern Shore of the Bay:

Bethlehem, MD 21609
From near and far, people travel to a little town on the Eastern Shore to get a postmark of three wise men on their Christmas cards.

By Philip Rucker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, December 15, 2007; Page B01

This is a story about the little town of Bethlehem. Maryland.

A rural hamlet on the Eastern Shore, it lures people by the hundreds for an annual Christmastime pilgrimage.

Click here for the full story.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Vee said...

Hi Barbara, just stopped by to see if there was a new post and found a new photo instead. You're such a lovely lady! Great photo...

Unknown said...

The pictures are incrediable!The lemon cake sounds very delightful!
Have a great weekend :)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

What a wonderful peaceful time you had at the estuary. I'll take that anytime over the crowded shops and malls. I have memories of visiting Canvey Island as a young child.