Wednesday, 7 November 2007

London Colney Lakes

London Colney lies just off the M25 London Orbital Motorway, the junction we use when we visit Janie. We get onto the M25 at junction 28 so we only have to travel 6 exits

and if the traffic is good the journey can be done in 50 minutes

If the traffic is bad - well anyone's guess

So Friday, being our last full day at Janie's we decided to explore this area a little

instead of always passing it by

It was late afternoon and quite misty

Jane's cleaning lady was on holiday so we came here after spending the day taking care of the household chores

The mist actually gave an artistic atmosphere

Gosh! We didn't bring any bread!

This lady did

We found a mixture of inter locking lakes and footpaths

The mistiness and reflections seem to merge

As we continue we pass this red carpeted bank We are looking back behind us here

We have now retraced our steps having walked as far as the fishing lakes

and are about to walk underneath the arches of the road bridge

We have come under the bridge and here is a place for refreshment
We don't stop

Further along from the other side of the bridge
the River Colne that will take us to a quite extensive set of lakes This was the wild side of the road

Kingfishers, Herons and an Otter have been seen here

We just saw Water Voles
We did not continue any further as we needed to get home and start dinner so we turned around and made our way back to the car.

One never knows what one is passing when sitting in the car


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place. Lovely autumny pictures :-)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Thanks for the tour, as always! Loved the wavy roof of the Green Dragon, as well as its name.

Vee said...

Isn't it wonderful to have the luxury of going off the usual path? I love doing that, but it happens so seldom. Now I'm just wishing that you had stopped at "The Green Dragon" because I love your food descriptions. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely places. The pictures were just beautiful.

Willow said...

Oh, those wonderful hidden serendipitous discoveries! And OF COURSE the pub would be named The Green Dragon. It just fits.

Lorrie said...

What lovely pictures. I especially like the scenes with water - it reflects the deep blue of the sky.

a woman who is said...

Yes, thanks for the lovely tour. I am too jealousy of your amazing English countryside. How wonderful that you get out there and enjoy it.

I have to tell you thought, I had my first panic attack ever on that horrid M25. Yikes, on the wrong side of the road for me!