Thursday, 31 October 2013

More Walking around Brighton

We leave the front behind and stroll through the retail area

Brighton has over 400 restaurants, cafes and bars.

One of my favourites - a Jamie Oliver

Lots of designer shops
in all a great mixture catering for many different needs and tastes

We made a visit to Kath Kidston

stretching down an alley

into a square

seaside coloured taxis

The chimneys on the centre horizon are part of 
The Royal Pavilion
visiting there in the next post

a complete mixture of the old and the new

The Pavilion Theatre with The Brighton Dome behind

Now this is interesting - the stage door to The Theatre Royal

manoeuvring the props in such a narrow space apart from the trucks negotiating the street

buses everywhere 
Now off to Pret-a-Manger to pick up a take-away lunch which we will eat relaxing in our hotel
before a walk along the front (last post)


Elizabethd said...

When I was in Brighton recently I had only a short morning. Somehow I didnt find the nice places that you mention. Maybe next time!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does sound as though there is something for everyone there. It would be hard to take in that many shops so one would have to be selective.

elizabeth said...

Brings back many memories!
I wonder how many of the 400 restaurants you tried?

Patsy said...

Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful walk, enjoyed it very much.

Teresa said...

I haven't told you in some time how much I enjoy being able to tour England through your very well done photo's. Thank you, Barbara. The photo's of The Theatre Royal, especially the one with the props being taken in, made me feel like I was right there.

La Petite Gallery said...

Thank you so much, I love this place, wish I had gone to see my Aunt when
she was there. Look what a fun place I missed. I only saw London 4 days.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy looking in the lanes, so many interesting shops down there.

Lorrie said...

A lovely town for walking, I think. It's fun to stroll through the streets looking at shops without feeling the need to purchase anything at all.

Anonymous said...

Loved all the colors and sights in the pictures that you shared of Brighton.
So pleased to see that you had good weather and enjoyed your "walk along the front"...words that I find very refreshing. Many thanks for all that you share Barbara.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

There seems to be a little bit of everything there!

Cheri said...

This looks little a town I would love to visit!

La Petite Gallery said...

Hello Barbara, did you say your Son was in the Philippines? Maybe I dreamed it, but I have been watching
the news and that storm, been thinking of you and your Son. Sometimes I dream and it seems real, I hope if he is there, he is safe.

cyclopseven said...

I don't have to be there or anywhere near to experience the beauty and the essence of this place. Each picture reveals many stories for eyes to revel and heart to absorbed. Enjoyed reading this. Thank you.